Spoken by Master Ching Hai

The mind is just a collection of all kinds of information, bad and good. It is just like a computer, whatever you program it, and when you push the button, it comes out the same. Our brain would be empty; it would be absolutely blank, just like a brand new computer, until we start to record things and information, and sometimes good, sometimes bad. If we happened to record the good information and when we want to make use of it, then the good information come out. If we happened to record the bad information, then of course the bad information comes out.

So now, to meditate, to pray to God or to study the holy scriptures is just a way to reprogram our thinking, our way of life. Because we reprogram it in a good way, the result that comes out is always good, or at least not as bad as before, or at least not all bad. Even though we can’t help to record some bad information daily, the number will be less than before. It’s because we keep recording good things, like we meditate; we meditate on God name, we meditate on God power and we get the God power coming through us, filling us with joy, virtues and goodness. Then even the bad information comes in, it has no room, and also may be minimized. And because of the goodness and the powerful energy from God, through meditation each day, we will be able to dilute or maybe digest completely any information that is harmful to our minds and our souls. That’s why we cannot not to meditate! We cannot not to study the holy scriptures.



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