When baby is born, the mother just holds the baby in her arms and then both understand each other perfectly well. Your dog understands you, your cat understands you; neither of you needs to speak. This is the best language.

So, I’ve come to this country also to remind you of the language of love, the language of the heart. We could speak together in any nation with this kind of language. We already do so, but we can develop more, from the mother’s love to the baby, from the love between the husband and wife, and from the love between friends to the love for the nation, to the love for the people at large and then to the love for all kinds of beings in the universe, including animals, flowers, insects and all the invisible ghosts that we fear so much. We need not fear ghosts if we have love, because ghosts will also love us. We use this great force of love inside to dispel darkness, to unite all people, all beings together.

We all have this force of love. This is the God within us, which the Oriental people call “the Buddha within us.” In fact, Buddha and God are the same. In the Orient, Buddha means love, compassion, and the Occidental God means love. They are the same thing. Yes, if Buddha and God both mean love, then They are the same thing.

Now, the problem for us is how to find this love within us. We all think we know what love is. Yes, we do, but only a small part of it. So Jesus came and taught us that you must love your neighbors, and greater still, love your enemies. Buddha, Mohammed, Socrates, Lao Tzu and Chuang Tau all taught people the same thing. So I’ve come to this country also to remind you of the same ancient message: How to develop this great love within us, so that we can love our neighbors.

This love is invisible, but it is so great that we can feel it and we can use it at will. Why is the great force within called love? Because it forgives all our sins and cleanses all our sins. It doesn’t matter what kind of wrong things we did before, if we make with this love, and know this love, we are clean like a baby. That is why it’s called love; love knows no sin, no boundary, no past, but only the present. Jesus used this love to clean the sins of His disciples, and Buddha used this love to take people back to the Buddha’s Land; and Krishna of India, because of having this love, until now is still loved by the people of India and praised by them.

They were the great Masters of the past, and there are many more. If we want to list all the Masters from the ancient times, we cannot finish in one day, two days or three days. It is good that we know them and worship them; they remind us to become the Master of ourselves. Yes. So I come here also to remind you that you can also become as great as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu, etc.

The way to become great is very simple; just find your own wisdom, which is already within you and it is not something that I will give you, Jesus will give you, or Buddha will give you. No one can give us wisdom except ourselves. But They can remind us, They can show us the way to find our own wisdom. They can hold our hands, stand-by, and encourage us to go on and find it. But we must know we should find it, we must know how to find it, and we must try to treasure the wisdom after we find it.

So the way back to the Kingdom of God is to find our own wisdom. This is the real meaning of the Kingdom of God: The state of blessings, of happiness and of sainthood. So if we become a Saint, we are saintly, we are happy, and we are blissful, and that means we have found the Kingdom of God. But at the same time as we are blissful and happy, there is also truly a Kingdom of God according to our level of understanding. That’s why we’ve often heard that there is the beautiful Buddha’s Land, the serene land, the Kingdom of God or Heaven, etc., They really exist and we can travel there at will. Whenever we are there, we are very happy and blissful; and the more we go there, the wiser we will become, the happier we will be.

That is why we say that we should find the Kingdom of God, or the Buddha’s Land. After we see the Buddha’s Land many times, we will become as wise as Buddha, and then we will become the Buddha. Similarly in the Occidental way, “After we have been to the Kingdom of God so often, we become one with God.” Therefore, after Jesus Christ had visited the Kingdom of God many times, He declared, I and my Father are one. But at His time not all people believed what He said, because they themselves had not reached His level and therefore they could not understand Him; consequently they could not believe Him.

It’s the same with us now. If someone says to us, “I have become one with God. I and my Father are one,” or “I have become Buddha,” it is also difficult for us to understand and to believe. But we don’t need to believe, we can experience it by ourselves. Then we still have time to believe. My purpose is to offer you the chance to experience it yourselves, and then you can believe. Is there any Heaven? We can see it for ourselves at the time of initiation.

For example, we see all the Saints in the past have Light around their heads. It is because they had already developed the Light within themselves, because they were charged with the “electricity” of God. If we are also charged with this electricity, we will also become Light. We have heard that when Jesus was baptized, He saw white Light coming down from Heaven. So now when we are baptized, if we can also see that or at least something similar, then we know we are really baptized; otherwise it is only a kind of ritual and is nothing to speak about. At initiation, you may have an experience like Jesus did.

It is also stated in the Bible that when someone saw God, God was like a great flame, like the sound of thunder, like the sound of many waters. When we are initiated, we will have these same experiences, or even higher. Then we know and can believe that we are as enlightened as the past Saints, and we know that we are in the presence of God.

In the Buddhist Scriptures, it is also mentioned that a Bodhisattva (enlightened being) heard different Sounds and saw Light. You may also see this Light and hear these Sounds at the time of initiation. Then you know that you are on the right path, you are really enlightened, and you have become a Bodhisattva like the disciples of Buddha when He was alive.


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