Questions and Answers

Spoken by Master ching Hai

Q: Master, I understand there is a method called the “Convenient Method”. Is it the same as the Quan Yin Method?

M: Not exactly, but it offers you also a taste of enlightenment. And you can continue to practice that every day without such a strict regulation as a pure vegetarian diet or meditate two and a half hours a day, things like that. You can meditate half an hour everyday or one hour apart, or twenty minutes, whatever you like, and eat the vegetarian diet as conveniently as your position or your situation allows. So that’s why we call it “Convenient Method”.

And you also have enlightenment. But, it’s a small kind of vehicle, you can only liberate yourself alone. And the Quan Yin Method will liberate many of your relatives and friends, seven or even nine generations, the people you don’t even know, your ancestors, etc., and your next generation, your grand, grandchildren not yet born, etc.. Because of the blood link, they will also be free.

Q: Master, when I am the host and I have to take some friends out for lunch or dinner and they are not vegetarians, should I order all vegetarian dishes to eat as I am the only vegetarian?
M: No, you order what the guests want to eat. We don’t impose our life style on other people and impede their freedom. It’s their choice. Okay? You could ask them if they want to try vegetarian, also fine, if they agree, if they are happy with it. Just tell them once in a while you try it to see if you like it. If they don’t, then you don’t do it.

Q: Master, please advise me how to access the first level of the Kingdom of God, or what I must do to start.
M: The first level only? Your aim is so low. (Laughter) Why don’t you go to the fifth at least, with me? There, it’s almost empty because no one goes there, plenty of room there.

The first level is nothing to aim for, brothers. There are only astral beings who live there. Only small heaven and hell. There is only magical power, small healing ability, small clairvoyant talent. That’s all there is. And you may live there hundreds or thousands of years, but you come back here again. And who knows where you will be, and what you’ll become. So why go to the first level. First level is as unsafe as this world. Don’t aim to go there. That’s only the ABC. The A B C of everything. We started from there, but we don’t stop there.

Q: Master, the first precept is no killing. If a snake enters my house, should I kill it in order to protect my family?

M: You don’t have snakes in Singapore, don’t give me trouble. (Laughter and applause.) You don’t even have enough land for people to live. Where can this poor snake reside? But anyhow you don’t have to kill, you can give him a bag… a cloth bag and he will happily crawl into it. And you set him outside somewhere else, in the bush or something, and he will be happy. But if you must, of course, you can do it. But then, you pay. You can do anything you want in this world, just you must pay. Not in monetary way, it is in karma.

You kill him and later you’ll probably be wounded somewhere or have severe headaches or your arm suddenly gone paralysis, anything like that. You pay, maybe temporarily or maybe in a long term. It depends on how great the things that you have done, how much you took from the physical treasure of the Lord of this creation. The more you take, the more you pay. The less you take, the less you pay. That’s why I advice the vegetarian diet, because it’s the less expensive.

You know even vegetables also have life, but it doesn’t cost so much karma, doesn’t burden you too much. Not that vegetables you don’t pay. I don’t mean the market price, I mean to the Lord of Creation. The Lord of Creation is below the Almighty God. But if you cannot, if you didn’t pay it to the Lord of Creation, you cannot go to the Almighty. That’s the problem.

Q: Master, can you explain the initiation of the Quan Yin Method?

M: Initiation is a kind of invisible opening wisdom ceremony. No flowers, no incense, no prostration, no Buddha statues, no church, nothing. Only you and your own positive original power. Now when you sit there all alone, then I will point to your soul where to go, in order to get back the positive and negative together. Now you are separated because you are always leaning onto the negative side for survival. Now when you sit alone there and ready, willing to go back, I just pull you back. But no action involved. These things are abstract, are the wonderful things of the invisible power. There is no doing of anything. Do without doing.

I don’t have to be there even. I don’t have to even know your name, your address, your age, your profession. I don’t have to know you physically. Inside I know. Therefore the initiation is just like you sit there and get back your positive side. You know, like out of balance, that you always lean on the negative. Now, come back and then you’re balanced. That’s it. And then you know that you are enlightened because you saw the light, you received the teaching from heaven through melody.

It’s not by English it’s not by Chinese. It’s wordless words, silent sounds. This will make you wiser, and more and more realize that you are great, and you are the master of the house. That’s the initiation. But no words can describe that, because I would not talk to you at that time. I might not even be present, because you will be along with the whole universe then. You know? That’s how you know yourself. It’s difficult to try to understand now. You’ll know at the time of initiation.

Q: Master, why are there so many religions in this world?

M: There is only one really. Different names. If you don’t believe me, you take time, study all the religions together, compare them all, and then you’ll know what I mean

Be concentrated on your religion if you know one religion; it’s enough. Because it’s similar in other religions: Tell people to do good, don’t kill, don’t steal, worship God or Buddha. No religion teaches people to do bad things or stay here forever, and eat and drink and die here. All religions tell you “be a good person here and find heaven while you can”, right? And everything else is just bla, bla, bla, you know, bureaucracy and detail.

Q: Master, you talked about knowing the way home. Where is this home? Where is heaven and hell?
M: Here. Everything is here. But if you don’t know, everything is everywhere. Everywhere is hell, everywhere is heaven. If you know, then it’s heaven; if you don’t know, it’s hell. That’s it,

Q: Master, will I be able to find my dead relatives and communicate with them if I practice the Quan Yin meditation?

M: Oh, sure. But I am afraid maybe you don’t like to go there. Some of your people are difficult to get in touch with. If you want to go such place, you need a Master. Otherwise you will be in danger. So it’s not always good to see dead relatives. Now you practice the Quan Yin Method, and some of your relatives, dead relatives will be immediately released from whatever suffering they have. If they are already in heaven, they will go to a higher level of heaven. If they suffer light punishment, they can go immediately, quick. If it’s too heavy, then we have to negotiate. Then the Master must negotiate or has to suffer for that person. But it won’t be too long. For example, if those people have to suffer for thousands of years, the Master wouldn’t have to suffer for thousands of years. Just maybe a few hours, or sometimes a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes prolonged but not a big deal sickness, things like that.

So it’s not always ideal to see your dead relatives. It’s better to see live relatives. Love them, serve them, and encourage them before they are dead. But you can see them. Many of our practitioners see their dead relatives and friends coming to thank them that due to them, they are liberated. That is no big deal.

Q: Master, one of the five precepts is refrain from sexual misconduct. How does this apply to singles?
M: What we mean is that you should be faithful to each other. But in the case of some of the other religious orders, they may, due to their tradition, have many wives. If they already had them before initiation, then that doesn’t mean they have to separate and take only one. But in the general case we tell people to refrain from having too many ties. What I mean is the suffering in affairs of the heart are very heavy for the wife or the husband to bear. And that you don’t want to cause to other people, let alone your beloved friends, or the mother or father of your children.

So that’s why we say refrain from having another affair if you are already married. But if you already have before initiation, just keep it like that. And better don’t let the other to know each other to minimize the suffering. The less suffering the better, because it will affect you also. You will have a bad conscience and guilt feelings. How can you meditate in peace? When you meditate you want to think about God. But all you think about is the second or the third wife. Yeah! How she wanted to beat you last night because you came late, etc., etc. Or you bought better clothes for the other one etc., Aiya! so many troubles. It hurts. That’s why. That is called sexual misconduct.

But in the case of people who are not yet married, of course in the modern time, I cannot tell people don’t do this, don’t do that, you know. Then try to be faithful to each other. It’s good for the heart, good for your moral and good for the mutual trust between each other and especially good for your health, you know nowadays. You read newspapers more than I do. The letters spelled very big. Should I say more? More and more people die from AIDS each day, so take care of yourself.

Q: Master, is it necessary to have a quiet environment to pursue spiritual practice?
M: Yes. That’s why sometimes we organize a retreat for one week or two weeks or four days, three days. Every year at a different time, so people have a chance to have a peaceful, quiet, only practicing meditation environment. But otherwise, you must go out into the society. Bringing the light and blessing into our brothers and sisters. You cannot always hide yourself in the mountain and become a selfish Buddha. (Laughter)

Q: Master, will dreams of future events come true? Can we change the future?
M: Yes, we can. If we are strong enough, and if you want to be strong enough to meditate more, get your Buddha power out, then you can change anything. Otherwise the future will change you.

Q: Master, can you please advise me as to how I should control my monstrous sexual appetite? I need God grace.
M: There are many remedies. But most people when they ate too much meat and drink the wine and all that, it will excite more of their passion. We already have enough so-called animal passion within us, so we do many things like the animals do. This we cannot control.

Because we inherit the animal quality while we live in this kingdom, part of it, because of this body. So now, if we want to control that, we must minimize the intake of intoxicants and exciting food, things like that. There are foods for sexual empowerment. The people look for that. Some people like that. So the old kings, they always eat special kinds of foods, because they have so many wives.

There are many foods to control the sexual drive. The first stage is vegetarian diet, pure vegetarian diet – no eggs, no fish, etc., and no liquor, alcohol, no intoxicating things. Many things we, the ordinary people, pay high prices for, mostly are poison. And I am always wondering why people spend a lot of their money to poison themselves. But anyhow that’s their choice and free will.

So if you ask me how to minimize your sexual energy, there are many things to do. You switch to vegetarian diet, eat a kind of simple, not too much oily and excitement spice and things like that. And then drink plenty of water. No champagne, champagne is the worst thing, reserved only for wedding days.

But the most simple thing to control it is to be busy, doing something meaningful like helping other people; do charity work… and then you forget your own problem. You know, if you stay up all night long reading like me, I think your sex drive will drive itself away (laughter and applause), because sex drives are scared, scared of the work.

Do something. There is so much suffering in this world, do some volunteer work in your spare time. Feel the suffering of your fellow beings. Merge yourself in the sacrifice and the joy, the pure joy of serving all of them. Bring happiness, bring noble happiness to other people. That will bring noble happiness to you, too.

You have read so much, maybe porno information. Now don’t read it any more. Switch to holy books, holy saints’ teachings, do yoga exercise etc,..

Q: Master, usually how long does it take to get enlightenment? May I know what does it depends on?
M: Yes, it depends on many things. First, it depends on the proper meditation method. And it depends on your teacher, whether that person is capable to lead you to enlightenment. Never mind talking about long or short. If you get a good teacher, you get immediate enlightenment. If you don’t get a good teacher, I don’t know how long. And also enlightenment depends on your sincerity, if you want it or not. If you do want it, you get it immediately. If you don’t want it, it doesn’t matter how much you pretend, how long you sit there, until your bottom falls off, (laughter) you don’t have anything.

Q: Master, when we are praying to God or Jesus, could we also worship Quan Yin Bodhisattva in the temple?
M: You do what you want as long as you are happy. The real worship comes when you see God, Jesus, Quan Yin, face to face and worship them right there. And you feel so much different than when you bow to the Buddha, the wooden statue.

When you bow to the wooden statue, he says nothing to you, he cannot answer your question. But when you bow to the real Buddha inside while you meditate or while you’re sleeping and go to heaven, that is the time of your real worship and you will feel entirely different. You will feel you’re not of this world. You will feel you are the Buddha then. That’s the real worship. Worship anyone you like, but make sure you see them. (Applause)

Q: Master, I am a sinner. Can I be enlightened?

M: Oh, who is not the sinner, please raise your hands. (Laughter and applause.) The sinner, please raise your hands. Me, also included. Don’t worry. No one is a sinner. We’re just ignorant. We have not been taught the way of the saint. We have been only taught to survive in this world, how to eat, how to clothe, how to look after this physical vehicle. That’s all we have been taught up to now. All the education also leads to that end, so you can have a good job, right? We have not been taught the wise way, the holy way. So now it’s the time. No problem. We did things we don’t know. How can we be sinners? If the child is not taught and he makes mistakes, how can he be blamed? Blame God. He didn’t send you a teacher soon enough, it’s his fault. (Laughter and applause.)

Q: Master, I want to donate my life to others. What do you suggest?

M: Sure. We can donate our service, while we are living. Well, everyone is donating their lives anyhow. They work for the society. They work for their family. This is a kind of donation. Some people donate more. They work for more groups, serving more people voluntarily, or without much payment. And that’s perhaps what you mean. Do what you feel like and what you are capable of. There is a lot of work to do in this world. Never enough people to do it.

Q: Master, you say we are all God’s children and there is only one God. So why do we have different colors and different races? Everyone is not equal, just like You and me.
M: Look at the flowers, you want them only one color? Pink, finish. Is that what you call beauty? We have many colors, that’s why it’s fun, Okay? You like it. That’s why you choose to be born in that color. But now you don’t understand. Get enlightenment, and then you’ll understand why. But you are also right. The question is also correct because the higher dimensions don’t have difference, no difference between male and female, no different colors. There is only pure awareness, pure wisdom, not even such a visible form.

Q: Master, how can we get immediate enlightenment and eternal liberation if we are anxious and have to work to make money?

M: Enlightenment is the most incredible thing that ever happen to your existence. It will lighten every burden that you have to carry every day. It will get rid of all the obstacles in your way. It will carry you when you are down and sick. It will bless you whenever you are in trouble and danger. And you will feel like, you are always in the love of mother, so you don’t worry. The worry and anxiety you have now, is just because you don’t have enlightenment, it’s not the opposite, Okay? So if you want to get rid of this suffering, get enlightenment.

Q: Are you a human being or a fairy? (Laughter)

M: Who am I? What do you think? Who think I am a human, raise your hands. Who think I am a fairy, raise your hands. No one. Yeah, both are correct. We are both. We are both human beings and God. It’s just that most of the time for most of the people they only recognize their human side of existence. They only identify with the physical function and forget their Godly side of nature. That’s all.
You and I are equal. We are both fairy and human beings. But the only difference between you and I is that I know and you perhaps don’t know, or are not sure of your fairy nature. That’s the only difference.

The Trap Of Success

Master Tells Story

Once, there was a king who came from the country Hsi-li and he went to war with another country. Every day he noticed one particular army soldier who was very courageous. He was very enthusiastic in fighting at any moment, and was basically not afraid of death, volunteering to go to the most dangerous places. Any place that no one dared to go, he would go and this won the king’s great admiration.

So, one day the king summoned him in order to reward him. When the king saw him, he felt very strange and wondered why this soldier was so skinny, his face was so green, the skin was not good and his body was very weak. The king was very surprised and asked, “Why you have become like this?” Then the soldier told the king, “I have an incurable disease, so my health is not good.” The king pitied for him and ordered his personal doctor to take care of him daily until his illness was cured. He was brought the best medicine and the highest quality food for his consumption because he was the national hero, a very courageous person, and needed to be taken very good care of. Of course the king’s doctor also admired him very much and took very good care of him. Money was no problem because he was the national hero and also it was the command of the king.

After a while, this person recovered and became very strong, and healthy looking. Everything was fine, he was totally cured. But at that moment, he lost his courage completely. Now he dared not go anywhere, dared not rush to dangerous places, he always hid in the back, his courage was all gone. The king was very disappointed and also felt strange. He summoned the person over and asked, “Why you were so courageous before but now after I have taken good care of you, have fed you well, have cured your illness, you have betrayed my grace, not sacrificing yourself for the country like before? Also, you hide and refuse to fight in battle. Why? We have all been so nice to you, have trusted you so much yet you have betrayed our good intention and have betrayed our trust in you. Why?”

The soldier told the king honestly, “It is because you have treated me so nice that I have become this way.” The king said with surprise, “Why is it that because we are too nice to you that you have become this way?” He said, “Because you have been so nice to me, have cured my illness, have fed my body well and made it beautiful that I have now become very greedy for life and dare not die.” He was near death before, thus death was nothing. The pain of the illness made him uncomfortable so maybe death was better. Therefore, he had charged forward in the battlefield not because of courage. Now because he had a good and strong body, he became greedy for life and dared not sacrifice his life anymore.

Sometimes it is the same with our practice. If we have met with difficulties or undesirable situations, we would practice with all our devotion. But after being too rich, too free, too comfortable, perhaps we would become somewhat lacking in diligence. Thus, Shakyamuni Buddha also said, “Rich people, people with money or with high position, will find it difficult to practice! If a certain person who has a high position, with a very comfortable life and with a lot of money and lives a very smooth life still likes to practice, we should know that he is a Bodhisattva coming to this world to help the beings.” How much he helps would depend more or less on his mission.

Then Jesus Christ also said, “It would be very difficult for the rich to go to Heaven! It would be as difficult as a camel passing through the needle hole.” Because we are too comfortable, too happy, we would drowning there in enjoyment of the happy, comfortable and rich conditions, then we would not think anything about practice.

The ordinary people would practice because of having a little pain and thus would think of liberation. That is the reason why it is no good if life is too comfortable. Sometimes a person in a high position would become proud if he was too successful. So, sometimes it is all right if we have a little of nonsuccess! Of course we have to do things successfully, but we still have to know the trap of success.

The Shortsighted Teacher

Master Tells Joke

This story is called “The Shortsighted Teacher”. Do you know what having shortsightedness is? It’s the kind of person who cannot see properly like me!

Once there was a teacher who was taking this history class. As soon as he stepped in everyone stood up to salute him, to show their respect, and to greet him. After the salutation, everyone sat down. Everyone was sitting quietly, except one person, who kept going about his own business at the window. A while later, when the teacher could no longer stand it, he asked, “Hey! Do you know when Mao Tse Tung died?” He asked a question about history. The man replied, “I don’t know.” The teacher said, “Why! Such a little thing and you don’t know? I’ll ask you another question, ‘When did the Japanese withdraw from China?'” The man said, “I don’t know that either! How would I know such things!” The teacher said, “Are you kidding? What did you do yesterday? Why didn’t you do your homework?”

Then that person who was messing about by the window said, “Why! Last night I was at the movies. After the movie, I went home and had a few drinks with my brother next door. Then I went home and slept with my girlfriend!” And then this professor, wow, he became very angry. He was so furious that he could have died. He pounded on his desk, making a loud bang, and then he said, “Shame on you! What kind of student are you? What are you doing here then?” The man replied, “I come to repair this window, and I am the carpenter!”

Andrew Knight



Australian bioethicist Andrew Knight is a Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, which is dedicated to advancing the ethical status of animals through academic research, teaching and publication; the Director of Animal Consultants International, which provides multidisciplinary expertise for animal issues; and a Spokesperson for Animals Count, a British political party for people and animals.

Andrew also practises veterinary medicine in London.

Andrew why did you first become an animal advocate?

When I was eight, my parents gave me a book about baby animals. I looked at the pictures of baby deer and other animals, and announced I was going vegetarian. My parents smiled. It would only last a week, they thought.

A decade later, I was still vegetarian – but I didn’t trouble myself to learn or think too deeply about the issues until my early twenties. I was appalled at what was being done to people and animals around the world and rapidly became first a human-rights and then an animal-rights activist.

When I was 23, I started dating a veterinary nurse. We both went vegan in an attempt to impress each other with our ethics. Unfortunately, I also had to ditch the non-vegan sweet collection I’d been building up for years, which by then occupied a substantial portion of my kitchen. The demands of romance can be merciless.

Tell us about your pathway since.

For the next several years, I alternated between studying, working, travelling and campaigning about animal rights and other issues. I’d always thought it was who you were and what you did that were important, not what job you held. Nevertheless, it began to frustrate me when I was repeatedly asked in radio interviews what I did for a living. Once I realised that people judge the merits of your arguments by things such as your appearance and qualifications, I began to seriously wonder if I should try to get into a profession.

I considered a number of professions, but becoming a veterinarian seemed likely to enable me to advocate most effectively for animals. I was also attracted to a job that would enable me to do a great deal of good in my day to day work, and that would enable me to travel and to financially support myself and my campaigns.

And so I returned to school, studied hard and made it into Western Australia’s Murdoch University veterinary course. I had the vague idea that parts of my training might involve doing nasty things to animals, as well as a vague idea that humane alternatives probably existed elsewhere, but I was ignorant of the details of either.

Soon enough, I found myself drawn into a titanic struggle to win the right for students to ‘conscientiously object’ to harmful animal use and for implementation of humane teaching methods. By the end of my course, in 2001, Murdoch had become the first Australian university to formally allow student conscientious objection. Almost all of our invasive animal-physiology laboratories had been terminated and we’d established our first humane veterinary surgical training program.

I continued to support students across Australasia and abroad, and by 2005, several other universities had implemented humane teaching methods and conscientious-objection policies, and the first students had graduated from every Australian veterinary school without killing animals during their surgical training.

After graduation, I worked briefly for several US animal-protection organisations. Some commissioned me to conduct studies to examine the human clinical or toxicological efficacy of invasive animal research. I continued that research for about a decade, until the present time. It has resulted in a large number of published scientific studies and conference presentations, my 2010 PhD, and my book on animal experiments.

Tell us more about your book on animal experiments.

 The Costs and Benefits of Animal Experiments was published in 2011 by Palgrave Macmillan as part of an advanced series of at least 15 texts on animal ethics being produced by the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. It combines more than a decade of research, analysis and experience in order to provide evidence-based answers to the key question: is animal experimentation ethically justifiable?

The book expands on my PhD, which critically assessed the human clinical and toxicological utility of animal experimentation. It includes over 500 scientific references, and relies on large-scale systematic reviews as its primary form of evidence. Within the medical and scientific worlds these are considered to provide ‘gold-standard’ evidence about clinical or research questions, because they pool a large amount of data and aim to minimise sources of bias. The book also comprehensively reviews alternative research, testing and educational strategies.

When considering costs and benefits overall, and particularly, the published studies examining the human clinical or toxicological utility of animal research, one cannot reasonably conclude that the benefits accruing to human patients or consumers, or to those motivated by scientific curiosity or profit, exceed the costs incurred by animals subjected to scientific procedures. On the contrary, the evidence indicates that actual human benefit is rarely — if ever — sufficient to justify such costs.

I very much hope my book will be widely consulted by students, scientists and policy-makers concerned with animal research and alternatives. One of my deepest hopes is it will be included in university libraries wherever life and health sciences or philosophy courses are offered.

 You’re a Spokesperson for Animals Count, a UK political party for animals. What are the party’s aims?

Whilst broad concern for animals is certainly a mainstream priority, unfortunately this is poorly reflected in the policies of most political parties in the UK and elsewhere. Animal protection often ends up near the bottom of the political agenda. Meanwhile, millions of animals continue to suffer in unacceptable conditions.

Animals Count is a UK political party for people and animals, established in 2006. We branched off from the Dutch Party for the Animals, which was the world’s first party to achieve electoral success. As of 2011, they had 23 politicians elected at national, provincial and local levels. Animals Count has received thousands of votes in British elections but has not had any candidates elected yet, a fact that’s partly attributable to the UK political system, which discriminates against minor parties.

However, we aim to encourage or pressure other political parties – some of whom do have real power – to incorporate more animal-friendly policies within their own manifestos. We seek to engage them in dialogue, and we also contest seats, particularly in constituencies in which a small number of votes can determine the outcome. Losing votes to Animals Count helps other parties understand the need to better represent animal interests.

Similar parties for the animals exist in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Canada, and Australia (the Animal Justice Party). Some other parties and leaders — particularly the Greens – also have good policies for animals. Unfortunately however, this is far from uniform. While inconsistencies remain, dedicated political parties such as Animals Count will continue to represent the interests of animals within the political realm.

Why do you advocate vegan diets for companion animals?

Many people have become vegan for the sake of the animals, the environment, or their health. This has done an enormous amount of good. However, most of these caring people still continue to feed their companion animals meat-based diets, which achieves opposite effects. They do this out of fear of adverse health consequences of vegan diets, and ignorance of how these might be avoided. Accordingly, I created, which reviews in detail the health and nutritional aspects of vegan and commercial meat-based diets for companion animals.

The health hazards for dogs and cats (and, of course, for ‘food’ animals) inherent within commercial meat-based companion animal diets are numerous and difficult to avoid. Such diets provide an industrial dumping ground for abattoir waste products, meat considered unfit for human consumption, such as that obtained from animals who arrive dead, dying, diseased or disabled (4-D animals) at the abattoir; old or spoiled supermarket meat; large numbers of rendered dogs and cats euthanized in animal shelters in countries such as the US; old restaurant grease, complete with high concentrations of dangerous free radicals and trans fatty acids; and damaged or spoiled fish, complete with dangerous levels of mercury, PCBs and other toxins.

These diets may contain pathogenic bacteria, protozoa, fungi, viruses and even prions, and their associated endotoxins and mycotoxins – and particularly when manufactured in countries like the US, they may contain hormone and antibiotic residues and hazardous preservatives.

Diseases described in the scientific literature as more common following long-term maintenance of cats and dogs on meat-based diets include kidney, liver, heart, neurologic, visual, neuromuscular and skin diseases; bleeding disorders; birth defects; immuno-compromisation; and infectious diseases (e.g., DiBartola et al. 1993, Dow et al.1989, Freytag et al. 2003 and Strieker et al. 1996 — see

My veterinary experience over many years leads me to believe that so-called degenerative diseases such as cancer, kidney, liver and heart disease are probably much more common than would occur naturally – and I think some cases are probably exacerbated, if not directly caused by, the hazardous ingredients in many meat-based diets.

Vegan diets aim to meet all the nutritional needs of cats or dogs using only plant, mineral and synthetically-based ingredients. There is absolutely no scientific reason why such diets cannot be formulated to meet all of the palatability, nutritional and bioavailability (which primarily refers to digestibility) needs of cats, dogs, humans, or virtually any species. Crucially, vegan diets also avoid most of the hazards found in meat-based diets.

However, use of a complete and balanced nutritional supplement with a home-made diet, or a nutritionally complete commercial vegan diet, is essential to safeguard health. Supplements and diets may be obtained from the suppliers listed at

Regular urine pH monitoring is also important in order to detect the urinary alkalinisation, with its consequent potential for urinary stones and life-threatening blockages, that may result from a vegan diet in a small minority of cases (most commonly among male cats). Advice on monitoring and correcting alkalinisation using dietary additives is available at

Finally, some animals maintained on certain meat-based diets long-term may be very resistant to change. The most important factors for transitioning difficult pets are very gradual change and persistence. Additional guidance is available at

What’s the purpose of the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association?

Veganism helps animals and the environment, and enables more efficient use of global food and water resources, thereby saving human lives too. However, many people resist these logical arguments for cultural reasons. Veganism is culturally alien to them. Some seem to imagine that vegans must endure grim and joyless lives of self-denial: no meat pies, leather jackets or animal-tested lipstick? Surely, we must dream of little more than our own untimely deaths, as we feebly stagger through our days, made pale and weak by lack of essential animal proteins? What kind of folk would subject themselves to such extremes?

I created the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association to demonstrate just how fun and fit vegans can really be. Growing numbers of athletes, as well as otherwise normal folk, have discovered some very important truths: by exercising basic consideration for the lives of those they would otherwise eat, and the people and animals who share our environment, vegans almost always become healthier and fitter! Karma, perhaps? Whatever the reason, being vegan can be seriously fun!

All who subscribe to our fun and life-affirming sporting ideals may consider themselves members of the Extreme Vegan Sporting Association. They can showcase their exploits on We currently include pictures or videos of vegan body builders, bungy jumpers, cyclists, dune tumblers, hikers, mountaineers, martial artists, runners, sky divers and yodellers. I encourage your readers to send in pictures of their own exploits via the website. All sports will be considered, but participants must be vegan!

What advice would you give to others interested in an animal advocacy career?

Large-scale advocacy – as distinct from hands-on animal welfare work – is aimed at achieving social change. To have any chance of success, it is essential that advocates present cases that will be seen by their target audiences as reasonable and rational. They should also present messages that are as close as possible to mainstream culture, rather than alienated from it, as sometimes occurs with more militant activism. If direct action tactics are used, then they should be ones that generate mainstream support for a campaign, rather than opposition. There are some outstanding examples from Australia and elsewhere that have very effectively used humour, for example.

It’s also fundamentally important that advocates are realistic. We need to be realistic about human psychology – particularly, the psychology of behavioral and social change, in order to determine the most effective strategy and tactics. We must also recognize that in many cases, relatively small, incremental changes are the best that may be achieved, and that inappropriate tactics can jeopardize even these. Advocates should focus on perhaps one or two issues likely to result in the greatest positive change, rather than picking too many issues, or those less winnable. Our time and resources are very limited. We must combine reason with a realistic world view to ensure we achieve the maximum impact possible, both for the sake of the animals, and perhaps, ourselves.

If the possibility exists, then it may also be worth pursuing a career that will maximise one’s ability to advocate for animals. Excellent choices include medicine, veterinary medicine, law, dietetics and environmental science. The movement also needs support skills such as IT, graphic design, photography and videography, management, marketing and fundraising.


By Master Duy Tue
Originally in Vietnamese

Lesson 16 – Don’t Believe in Your Assumptions

When you guess something, you have to know what you guess is not the truth.

There is somebody in your class you don’t like very much. He sits next to you. One day you can’t find your pen and you think that he has taken it.  Your assumption starts like this:  This guy is not nice. Nobody in the class wants to play with him. He is sitting next to you. So he must be the one who has taken your pen. You believe he has stolen your pen although you cannot prove it.

Your guess might be true but it is unfair to suspect him when you do not have any evidence.

You can’t conclude anything about your friend until you have enough evidence, for example, you see your pen in his bag.

Don’t suspect other people without evidence.

Q & A (Con.)

Q: For enlightenment, is service in love to humanity as important as meditation or is service more important than meditation practice?

M: Both have to go hand in hand. We meditate because we want to do service better, we want to be clearer in what we do. Therefore, we’ll be more efficient in our work and more service to others. Without meditation, sometimes we have very best intention and we are willing to serve people, but we don’t know what is the best way. Therefore, meditation is a helping factor to true selfless service.

Q: Is it possible to live a life completely free of doubt and fear forever and if so, what does one need to do or not do?

M: Fear and anxiety comes only from darkness, from ignorance, from the fear of the unknown.

Once we get to know the stable side of nature, the real side of our life, our fear and anxiety disappear. We only fear because we thought after this life, we have nothing. We only fear because we know only the ephemeral existence of this world. If we know that life is eternal, if we know that we are the greatest beings in the universe, we have no fear at all.

So I invite you to get to know yourself through the means of initiation (into Quan-Yin practice).

Q: I love my original master very deeply and usually recite his name. If I continue to do this, will I lose Your love and blessing? I love both of you. No difference because without my original Master I would not be alive to sit here and listen to Your lecture.

M: I’m not in competition with anyone. You can love ten more masters if you wish. No problem. Just be enlightened. That is the best way to pay, to show the gratitude to your previous master. Don’t need to even be grateful to me or anything. Whatever you do, I love you all the same. It’s you who probably do not love yourself, because you would think, “I do that very bad, I do this very bad.” And it’s you yourself, stop feeling being loved.

Q: How long must one meditate to reach enlightenment?

M: Enlightenment comes immediately. As soon as you sit down with the Master and sincerely want it, it comes immediately. Even sometimes before initiation; sometimes I have not finished the instruction, and people already got enlightenment. Some people are in a hurry, you know, they have no time to wait.

But the meditation takes place daily, because we always want to be in the enlightened state, and we always want to renew our acknowledgment of enlightenment. Or also we want to strengthen it, to strengthen, to expand until infinity. Otherwise, even if you meditate for one hundred years, you don’t get any enlightenment.

Meditation doesn’t bring enlightenment, the Master power does, because during initiation, or during so-called meditation in our method, you do not meditate, because meditation means effort, but in our way, it’s effortless. You might sit there sometimes even sleepy and then enlightenment even comes, even then. Or you will be enlightened during sleep because the Master power will wake you, wake your soul during your sleep. While your mind is asleep, your body is at rest, your soul will be awaken into the world of light and wisdom.

Therefore, meditation is not a means to enlightenment. But for lack of vocabulary in this world, we have to call it meditation. Actually, you just sit there and receiving the grace of God and acknowledging your own supreme power. There’s no meditation actually that is involved, because anything that is earned or it is a result of some kinds of action, it is still the worldly production. It’s still within the material framework. Therefore, our meditation is a non-meditational meditation, effortless meditation.

Q: What makes you the equal of other great masters?

M: The same thing that makes you equal with other great masters that makes me equal. All of us are equal. You are as great as Jesus and Buddha, if you want to be, if you want to know, if you know where your greatness is. I know. That’s what makes me great. If you don’t know, okay it’s fine. If you want to know, you will be as great as any.

Q & A

Spoken by Master Ching Hai

Q: In the Bible Jesus Christ said: I and my father are one . But, how can I reach this state?

M: First get initiation. That’s what we are here for, to help you.

Q:Do you feel this initiation is important? Why can it not be done on our own?

M:The question is already answered by itself. If you have done it yourself, then it’s not necessary to get an initiation. But if you couldn’t do it, if you haven’t seen the light of God and the sound of heaven, then, initiation is necessary. Besides there are many steps to heaven that you must know, verbally, the instruction, and so many pitfalls that you should avoid. And if you do not know that, you’d waste a lot of time, and sometimes it’s dangerous.

Q:Master, specifically what is the difference between enlightenment and the power to initiate, and which one does the patriarch of the Bible have?

M:The power to initiate came first. You will have the power of initiation also if you are pointed by the master, because a master will initiate through you. And also you have the power, the true power, the perfect power, not the borrowed one, when you become a master. When you reach the fifth plane of consciousness, then you become Christ or Buddha, yeah. At that time you can initiate. But enlightenment is a part of it, part of the power. And you will expand this, and get to know more of your greatness, more and more until you realize your complete self. And that is the time you’ll know God. That’s the time you’ll be able to initiate people.

Q:Master, were Hermes, Zoroaster, the Essences, the Gnostics masters? And who were the first masters? And who is the great white brotherhood?

M:All masters, all true masters are one. They come from one source. And the highest master is the almighty which is in all of you. When we first came here we were masters before. And we came here, we blessed the world. And, we forgot all about our power and our glory. And our energies were also exhausted, because we paid attention to outer phenomena. So, all the masters who came here are the ones who are awakened in this awareness and know their true glory, and they can travel the road home frequently. And they can lead us back home. So, no need to discriminate between any master. All the religions are founded after the master has gone. Therefore we have Christian after Christ, Buddhist after Buddha, etc., okay?!

Q:Master, sometimes during meditation with the Convenient Method, I feel a chill from my spine going up to my head, and then there seems to be a feeling of energy encircling in my head. What does this mean? Is this a bad or good sign?

M:It’s okay. It’s your kundalini at work. Afterward you’ll be used to it. It’s only a Convenient Method, and still it works all so much, because of the master power blessing you. Other people they practice many years to try to awaken the kundalini, and they can’t do it.

Spoken by Master Ching Hai

Q. How do we know to liberate ourselves from suffering, painful emotions, at the right time when we want so bad to let go of the lives, the circumstances around us? But it’s so hard to see through because of the people we are attached to, and know that there is more to life itself than just ourselves and love of someone else we couldn’t let go?
M. Just forgive yourself and try again. Sometimes in some circumstances we are able to control ourselves, but with some great effort, and some other times we don’t want to control ourselves or we can’t control ourselves. In either way you just do what is good for you at that moment. Don’t worry much about the emotion. It is only the waves on the surface of the ocean. It is not the ocean’s fault. It is the wind. It is the rotation of the earth that makes the waves. So the ocean cannot blame itself all the time, and says that he makes waves, he makes troubles for the boats and he makes trouble for the people, etc. He cannot help himself. The ocean cannot help herself or himself.

Q. Dear Master, I always make the same mistake that I don’t want to make. I feel there are two of me inside, one good and one bad, how can I stop this?

M.Well, maybe that’s the balance proportion in your life that you need to learn. Actually we can’t be too good all the time. You will break! You see the man in the circus, when he walks the rope, he has to walk this side, that side. You know what I mean? One time he dips in this side, the other time he is siding to this side. Otherwise, if he walks just like this, he will fall down. This life has two sides anyhow; one is positive, and the other is negative; one is happiness, and the other one is misery. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves to dip from one side to another. Forgive yourself then move on.

You can try to do other things in contradiction to that, to counter attack this habit if you think it’s bad. For example, if you are normally very stingy; don’t want to give to people, now force yourself to give. Every time you want to take, you give instead! So next time you dare not want to take any more, because every time you want you take, you lose the business! (Laughter) For example, if you want to take one dollar, then force yourself to give two dollars. So next time you dare not to want any more! Or if you normally like to look at other woman besides your wife, so every time you want to do like that, just go home and look at your wife. So next time you are fed up, and you don’t want any more. Maybe you try it. (Laugh and applause.)

Q. Earlier You said that if when you open your mind to the Universe, then you can gain the wisdom, knowledge and will be able to understand any book. My question to You is, “What if you were born with not so bright a mind? How can you be able to learn the knowledge from the Universe once you open your mind?” Learning new knowledge would take time and hard work. For me, in the past I had tried to learn to become a professional person. I failed because I am dumb. Can You show me the way?

M. Not being able to learn in school doesn’t mean you are dumb. Maybe you lack courage, maybe you lack good teacher, good friends or good circumstances, or maybe you lack patient. Some people learn quicker; some people learn it a little bit slower. But that doesn’t mean you are dumb. Not to know your own great wisdom is the true stupidity. So I invite you to come for the initiation and get to know your greatness, then you will understand many things. It is because everything I say is just a big mouth, talk too much. Anything without experience is just advertising. It doesn’t matter how much I tell you the orange juice in my cup is very good and is very nutritious and good for you and a lot of vitamin C, and you drink it, it quenches your thirst. But if you don’t ever come and drink it, it doesn’t matter how much I say, it is all big mouth. Do you know what I mean? So the best thing is just to drink it.

Q.I feel lost. I have searched and searched but have not found Home, that is what I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to do. How does one find Home here on Earth?

M. Home is very near. It is next to you. It is nearer than your skin. But if you don’t have the light, you can’t see it. You can’t see things in the dark; it doesn’t matter how near. You might have a feeling about what it is, but you don’t see it; you have to have the light. The light of God will shine on everything you want to search for, including Home. But this is all abstract speaking, really you have to have experience, and that comes only with diligent practice after initiation. You know how to practice and you do it and then you realize day by day.

Q. Why is it that after so many years of religious teachings and past masters that the world has not gotten better but much worse?

M. It is because the past masters cannot teach you. You have to look for a present master, who can answer your question, help you when you are in doubt and take you by the hand back to the Kingdom of God. We need a person to person contact, not the past lives. Just like it doesn’t matter how great the beauties of the past; you cannot marry her! She cannot give you any children; cannot produce the love feeling that you have with a living wife.

Q – My husband has a terrible skin disease, for eight years already. I love him very much and I have tried many ways, doctors, medicines, religion, meditation and hope to cure his disease. But it’s getting worse and worse every day. Now every time I look at him, my tears fall. And even worse, I began to dream about other man when I am so sad. Am I bad and disloyal? How can I cure my mind and my sadness?

M. No! You are not bad. Just the situation is bad. Now, everyone when we have sickness, we should try to first accept it; secondly, try to find a way to cure it. There must be some way to cure things. Above all, we have to pray to the God’s power to help us. We pray, but pray deeply. Sometimes the diseases are caused by past karma, past reaction, past retribution, that we have done something wrong or harmed somebody else  appearance, therefore now we have to reap this result. But after sometimes, if the karma wears off, then it begins to get better. There are many ways to cure skin disease. I have seen many people with a lot of very bad looking skin, but they still have a cure for it. So maybe you didn’t search enough. You have to ask for many more ways to do it, or tell your husband to pray himself, or meditate.

I cannot guarantee you that initiation will cure your disease, or your husband’s disease, because I don’t want to attract people to come to our group just because of the physical condition. That is not enough to liberate you, because we are still clinging to the material instead of wanting God, the giver of all things. Once we truly want God, He will give. If we only want things, you know what I mean? Sometimes He gives, sometimes He doesn’t. That’s the trouble.

In India there was a story about a king who liked to give all his things to his people. So he arrayed all his treasure around and told everyone to come and take whatever they like. And people took diamond, took gold or took treasure, took antique cups and all that, and then everybody was happy and went home. One girl only, she wanted nothing. She just walked straight up to the king and she said, “Are you also a gift? (Laughter) I only want this gift.” So, of course, the king was very surprised and happy that somebody wanted him for his sake, not the things that he gave. Of course, the king married her and then everything belonged to her. So want God only then everything will come to you.



This recipe is from . She has many wonderful recipes.  Don’t forget to check it out!

My favorite vegan restaurant, Spiral Diner Fort Worth, makes an amazing nacho dish with what seems to be the latest sensation, a vegan “cheesy” sauce made from cashews. I love these nachos super hard. They are mouthwatering and fantastic. I even eat the jalapeno slices on top, because there’s the microscopic possibility that they might be ever-so-slightly impregnated with the sauce. The only problem is that, despite their fantastic food and friendly waitstaff, Spiral Diner has one slight imperfection… It’s expensive! And I’m eternally broke! To be fair, they do charge a decent price considering that the bulk of their foodstuff is organic. And, if I could afford it, I would not feel ripped off eating there every single day. Hell, every single MEAL if I could! But, sadly, my trips to Spiral happen only a handful of times per year. And I am forever trying to copy their recipes so that I can make their delicious yums at home for a fraction of the price. They do teach cooking classes on occasion, but I can’t afford those either. What’s a poor vegan to do??

Today I was really, desperately craving those nachos. Like, I mean, I had to have ‘em, man! And I know the  not-so-secret ingredient in Spiral’s “cheesy” sauce is cashews. But, since when can a poor person afford raw cashews? Since almost-never, that’s when. So, I farted around with a couple of cashew-free “cheesy” sauce recipes I found online and came up with my own delicious chip-dipping substance, sans the expensive cashews. And it is fabulous!

Even your omni friends will love it. They won’t have any idea it’s vegan – it’s way too decadent to be rabbit food! They’ll think it’s some exotic, richly creamy awesomesauce. Hence the name, “awesomesauce.” I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

1/2 cup nutritional yeast
1/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour (can sub all-purpose flour)
2 tablespoons cornstarch
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon turmeric (optional)
2 cups water
1 teaspoon mustard

  • Whisk all ingredients together in a medium saucepan.
  • Bring to a slight bubble, stirring constantly, over medium heat. 
  • As soon as mixture begins to bubble, reduce heat to low and continue whisking until sauce thickens. Sauce will continue to thicken as it cools, so be careful not to overcook.
  • Turn heat off and remove saucepan from heat source. Stir a few more times and serve. 
  • Enjoy!
P.S. AwesomeSauce can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for a few days. To reheat, just add a tablespoon or two of water and stir gently over medium-low heat until warm.

Interviewer: Are you talking about the Galactic Federation?

Mr. Dean: There is indeed, surprisingly, something very much like a galactic federation. And I will tell you that the headquarters for that organization is not even in this galaxy. It’s in another galaxy. Apparently the universe is literally teeming with intelligent life. And yes, some of the more advanced races have come together and they have formed an organization. And they do get together frequently and communicate with each other. And project Earth and project human race is at the top of their list at the moment, because we are a difficult, troublesome species.

And they are really working to help us get through this transition. Now most of them went through transitions of this kind in their own histories- ancient, ancient histories going back eons of time, millennia, eons, literally. Some of those advanced species are a million years ahead of us scientifically, spiritually, culturally, psychologically, sociologically. I, I’ve seen that and I’ve been a part of that and I’ve been shown that, which literally has caused my old paradigm to collapse. Because, you see, I have seen what can be. I have seen what the human species can ultimately become. And I know that with assistance and help and guidance from a lot of them, we’re going to make it. But having seen that and then coming back and living in this world, I find it very painful.

Interviewer: Now, Supreme Master Ching Hai, our spiritual teacher, has spoken about what you were just describing, that they’ve gone through their own transition time on different planets, and in different places. And, and she’s spoken about the beings on Mars, that they had some global warming challenges, to the point where it was catastrophic. And people were not able to live on the surface any longer, and they are now living, those that were able to survive, which was a very small portion, living underground. And I’m just, one of the things that she had said is that they are wanting us to know what happened with them and not to make the same mistake. And one of the things that they said, their message was that we need to be virtuous, and not to kill other humans and animals. And, and I’m just wondering what your thoughts on that are and what you may know about the folks on Mars.

Mr. Dean: Well, she’s right in fact that there is life on Mars. There is a remnant of a vast civilization on Mars. Mars underwent some very terrible times, tectonically, and I think meteorologically. Mars suffered a great deal. There were some problems, earthquakes. Mars lost most of its surface seas. It lost most of its atmosphere. And the survivors of those cataclysms literally had to go underground.

And there are large cities under the surface on Mars. I gave you a photograph taken by the Soviet Phobos 2 spacecraft some years ago showing a city the size of Chicago (USA).

Mr. Dean: Now, this is a gigantic object, coming up from the surface of Mars.

Interviewer: Like what size are we talking about?

Mr. Dean: Oh, we’re talking about a mile, at least.

While it was in orbit, Phobos 2 took a number of other pictures.

Interviewer: Oh yes, this one.

Mr. Dean: That was Phobos 2, yes. This is an underground city on Mars, the size of Chicago (USA), and it’s generated an enormous amount of heat. But, it’s taken in the infrared. But you can look and you can see the city streets, and the blocks and all that, and there are a lot of people living there, I am sure. A couple of the other pictures that I show regularly at my presentations were taken by Apollo 13 on the way to the Moon. That object’s five miles long. That’s a big mother ship. I got to know a retired NASA scientist, Norman Bergrun. And he published the book called “The Ringmakers of Saturn,” and in that book, there were a whole bunch of pictures. This one, taken by Voyager I, 1980; this object here is 2,000 miles long, 450 miles in diameter, and it’s artificial, under intelligent control, and it moves around out there.

Interviewer: Now, this is actually the ring of Saturn here?

Mr. Dean: This is one of the rings, a portion of it.

Interviewer: What it’s going to take for us to be able to be at the space where our space brothers and sisters will feel comfortable letting us know they’re here in large massive, you know, awareness?

Mr. Dean: They have a program underway. Let me tell you something, but bluntly. They could have brought about full disclosure anytime they wanted. Now if they were to park some of their giant motherships, the one five and 10 miles long over large American cities and simply hover over Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and just sit up there for awhile, they would make the disclosure take place. So they are probably as concerned as some of our military and governmental authorities are too. They don’t want to shock people. There is a psychic shock that people can experience when they are confronted with the reality that they’re not prepared to deal with, like my experience with them.

Mr. Dean: Some of the crafts in your sky are theirs, some of the craft are ours. Some of the best ones are theirs. We are not quite yet where they are. And one of the reasons you see them is that they’re showing themselves to you. They hovered over O’Hare Airport, Chicago (USA) last year. They do this gently and subtlety, it’s non-threatening, but it’s sort of like you say, “Hey, wake up down there, you know. Look up here, pay attention, what do you make of this?” There’s more and more of this and you’re going to see as the year goes on. You’re going to see more of the giant triangles hovering over cities, bases, airports, and there are going to be pictures taken and people are going to look up, and the people are going to say, “What…what do you suppose (it is)? Could it be (a UFO)?” So they do that and they’ve been doing that for a long time.

They’re trying to gently bring us to a point where we can accept the reality of their presence without psychic shock. Because they want to avoid that, as I said, they know us better than we know ourselves.

Interviewer: Now I’ve heard that there’s about the genetic coding that DNA coding that there’s something special about humans and that we are to develop a gene of compassion. Have you heard anything about that and that it’s up to us to develop that?

Mr. Dean: There are many among us who have developed compassion and love. That is the bottom line, love. Because we have a Creator and that is one of the factors of that creation; that source of life. That source of light shows, gives nothing but love. And when you’ve been out there as I have, and I’ve been out there physically, spiritually, you learn that the most powerful, the most overwhelmingly powerful factor in infinite intelligence in life is love. And many human beings are making that step.

Interviewer:  To go back to my previous question about what is it like to be on the spaceship? What it’s like to be on the planet? What it’s like to have gone on a ride with these folks whether it’s to the future or another star system?

Mr. Dean: Out there, there’s no such thing as we understand it, of getting in a ship, pushing the button, cranking up the old motor, and chuca-chuca-chu chugging off out there and traveling from here to there. No, that’s not the way it is. That’s why we’re having such a problem coming to terms with it. They’re not limited by that. They don’t literally go chugging off from here to there. Their technology is such that they can be there from here, like that, literally. They tried to explain to me the fact that there is no death; that out there, there is no time. There is no such thing as past, present and future. There is only one eternal now. And we apparently, some of our scientists and some of our technicians, have learned some of that because we have developed already 40 years ago, hyperluminal flight. Ben Rich at Lockheed Martin (Corporation) said some years ago, before he died in 1995, he said that we can take E.T. (extraterrestrial) home. That was about the time E.T. the movie was out.

Mr. Dean: And in closing, I want to say to your viewers that, you get a tendency to get a little discouraged and depressed, and you get a little fearful sometimes, but I want to tell you from what I’ve seen from the past, the present and the future, that you’re in good hands, remember this. There is a God. There is no death, you are infinite immortal beings, and you are sparks of pure divinity yourself.

And this race, this species, does have a future, we’re going to make it, we’re going to get through this transition, this transformation, this adolescence, this painful period we’re going through. And there is going to be a new dawn and a new day and a new beginning. And there is a future for the human race. And I want your viewers to take heart, be brave, and love someone.

Interviewer: Thank you.

With heartfelt sincerity, thank you Mr. Dean for sharing your profound knowledge and precious wisdom with us. Your time, efforts and generosity in bringing forth the critical message about the existence of highly developed extraterrestrials to our world is much appreciated. May you enjoy the best of health always and every success in your future work.

To  watch the interview, please visit

Expert UFOlogist and former US Army Command Sergeant Major Bob Dean shares his knowledge and experience of interacting with human-like beings from other planets.

p-planetspace“We’ve been to the moon. We’ve been to Mars. And apparently some of our people have been to other star systems, because 40 years ago we developed not only zero point energy, but we developed anti-gravity, and we developed the ability to fly faster than the speed of light.”
Robert Orel Dean (Retired US Army Command Sergeant Major, Expert Ufologist, USA)

One of the simple pleasures in life is gazing in the sky on the clear night to see the beautiful stars—some brighter, some dimmer, some closer, and some farther away. After admiring the firmament and this endless array of potential suns, can anyone truly believe that our Earth could be the only planet populated with intelligent life?

As most of us have never met anyone from other worlds or seen UFOs, it might be hard to believe that human-like beings live on other planets as well. However, some people are lucky to have actually interacted with beings from other planets. One such person is expert UFOlogist Robert Orel Dean of Arizona, USA, also known as Bob Dean. Mr. Dean, who was trained as an intelligence analyst and became a command sergeant major when he served in the US Army, has completed extensive studies in the fields of archaeology, theology, psychology and philosophy, and holds the equivalent of a master’s degree in emergency management. He has also headed a regional chapter of the Mutual UFO Network as well as having been a member of the Center for UFO Studies and a Board member of the Ancient Astronauts Society. Mr. Dean has been honored with three lifetime achievement awards for his contributions to the field of UFOlogy.

In an interview with Supreme Master Television, Bob Dean shared his knowledge and experience about beings from other planets and what he has learned from interacting with them. His experiences confirm that indeed we are not alone in the vast universe, but intelligent life exists on other planets as well. Below are excerpts parts from the interview.

Interviewer: When was your first opening to the whole realm of UFO’s?

Bob Dean UFO inside

Mr. Dean: I was a professional soldier for most of my life. But, I didn’t get exposed to this reality of the so-called extraterrestrial presence until 1963. I applied for and received an assignment in 1963 to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe; a place called SHAPE. And it was one of those choice plum assignments. And I arrived at Paris (France) in the summer of 1963 and immediately my top secret clearance was upgraded to a level called “Cosmic Top Secret,” the highest level of security classification in NATO. And immediately with my top secret upgrade to Cosmic I was assigned to a place called SHOC, the Supreme Headquarters Operation Center, which is the war room. And when I worked in the war room, I learned of a study that was under way. It involved UFO’s.

The reason was that a large number of metallic circular disc shaped objects flew from the Soviet Warsaw Pact sector from the East toward the West. And these objects were circular, metallic, disc shaped objects in formation, very obviously under intelligent control. And they flew across Europe, they flew across Germany, France, the southern coast of England and they turned north over the English Channel and they disappeared off NATO radar over the Norwegian Sea, on the morning of the 2nd of February in 1961. And it was all over within about 20 minutes. The Soviets thought those objects belonged to us. We thought they belonged to the Soviets. We were to find later that they didn’t belong to anybody. And the study was initiated immediately after that event.

Mr. Dean also shared how reading a top secret document called “The Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to NATO Forces in Europe” launched his journey as a UFOlogist. This report, completed in 1964, assessed the potential danger posed by extraterrestrials.

Mr. Dean: That was a spark that kindled my fire in 1964. I couldn’t leave it; I couldn’t walk away from it. The conclusion of the study was quite simple. Apparently there is no threat. Apparently the human race on the planet has been under observation and survey by several advanced extraterrestrial intelligences from the beginning of human history. That was one of the conclusions. They concluded that apparently there was no threat involved because the repeated manifestation of incredibly advanced technology indicated that if they had been malevolent or hostile, it would have been over a long time ago. And that began my journey and I haven’t turned back since.

Based on that study, that assessment, I was interested in them. Who are they? Where are they from? Why are they here? What’s this all about? Why are they interested in us? I began to find out over the years that it wasn’t about them at all, it’s about us. It really is all about us. Who are we? What are we? How did we come to be here? Why are we here? And is there a purpose? Is there a meaning in our lives? And where are we going? What’s the future?  Where do we go from here? And that’s where I have been for the last 20 years. And I have been speaking out, openly, bluntly, candidly, loudly, about this subject. Over the years I have developed the ability, and I have been fortunate enough to have face-to-face meetings with some of them. I have been aboard their ships. I was even taken to one of their home planets. Apparently I have had an intimate interrelationship with non-human intelligence since I was two years old. My whole life has been involved with them to some degree. It took me many, many years before I began to become aware of my personal involvement. And it took me a long time for me to discard my old world paradigm. And I’ve learned there is a purpose. There is a meaning.

Interviewer: It is very important to share. You have had face-to-face contact with them. What are they like? What was it like to be on their ship? How did you get there? What’s their planet like? Why are we here?

Mr. Dean: The SHAPE military study concluded that we were dealing with four different groups that have been coming and going. They were all humanoid, not all human. But out of those four different groups, one group was totally human, like us. They could sit next to you in a theater or restaurant, or an airplane, or a bus — it doesn’t matter. They could be in your midst and you’d never know. Good God, they could be everywhere. Well, we were to find over the years that they are pretty much everywhere. They are in our midst. When I retired in 1976, we learned that there were at least a dozen more from different places.

And we learned back then, as early as 1976, that yes, some of them were interplanetary. Yes, some of them were interstellar. Yes, some of them are intergalactic. And by God, the thing that really upset the few that knew the story in those days, was [that] some of them apparently were multi-dimensional. They were popping in and out of portals from other dimensions. Now we are having a relationship with interplanetary visitors, interstellar, intergalactic. But the more advanced ones, the more spiritually advanced, apparently are intergalactic. That was a difficult lesson to learn, not only for our military and our intelligence authorities, but for our scientists. You see, we are looking at science that is a thousand… ten thousand years beyond our own! I think Arthur Clarke said it one time that advanced scientific intelligence would appear to us to be magic. Well, it does appear to many others to be magic. But it’s not magic to them. It’s technology to them.

They are not visitors. They are not here as tourists, dropping in for a weekend or something like that. The planet is under quarantine. And the only ones who come and go regularly are the professionals, the anthropologists, the historians, the scientists, from their groups. They come regularly. They are here most of the time. It’s one of the reasons why there is not about to be a disclosure anytime soon, because the story is simply too big.

Among the things we have seen, and the things I have learned first-hand is that, this beautiful, wonderful planet that our ancestors called Gaia; they looked upon her as a goddess and that the planet was alive. I have learned that that’s true. This beautiful little blue-green planet is alive. But this planet apparently is one of the richest and ripest zoological gardens in this quadrant of the galaxy. The life forms, the flora and fauna on this planet are practically infinite. That’s why Earth is such a valuable commodity. There are probably thousands of intelligent species out there, looking upon this little tiny planet, this zoological garden, as an incredibly valuable commodity. And I point out to people, “You know, you’re part of the fauna. It might be difficult for your ego to deal with, you are simply an occupant in this zoological garden.” But now we’re dealing with the custodians. They’re not visitors. They’re not owners. The word that I’ve got from them, they’re custodians. They’re protecting and looking after the life on this planet. And the human race is part of that fauna.

The human race, the whole species is undergoing a transcendent transformation, literally from one level of species, one race, into another. The human race is undergoing a form of what I call “a late adolescence.” And I point out to people that, “If you remember your own adolescence, and you remember how painful it was and how difficult it was, the whole species is undergoing a transition from adolescence into adulthood.” And we’ve got some good friends in high places out there, fortunately, some very good friends, who want to see us make it.

They don’t own us. We are not property, as Charles Fort said one time. But we are not quite finished yet as a race. We are a work in progress. We are an unfinished product. And we’ve got some good friends in high places that are trying to assist us, to help us get through this transition. And it’s an awkward period. But, I believe in the human race. It has a future. We are having some rough and difficult times, but we’re going to make it. And the reason I decided to come with you this afternoon and give you this interview, was hopefully to be able to say to your audience, to the viewers, that people really should not be afraid.

They have nothing to fear. We’re going to make it through and we are going to reach a form of adulthood. And we are in time going out there and taking our rightful place in this infinite universe filled with intelligent life. And I say to people, “Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren are going to the stars. And they’re going out there, and they’re going to take their rightful place.” Humans have a right to sit at those great conferences, those great tables filled with all the infinite intelligent life forms out there.

By Master Duy Tue
Originally in Vietnamese

Lesson 15 – Focus on your talent

Do you know what talent means?

Everyone can be good at more than one thing. For example, you do well in math, geography, physics, and language arts. In which subject does your talent show? The subject that you like best and always have the highest scores of all.

You may like physics but your physics scores are not always high. You also like math and your math scores are always the highest in the class. If the teacher asked you to focus either on math or physics to receive a scholarship to go to college, which one would you choose? Pick math.

When it comes to considering a subject to invest your time and energy in, don’t make a decision according to your feelings. You should choose the subject where your talent is shown.

Focus on the subject that you have been doing excellently in school. Focus on developing your talent, not on what you want but are not sure how far you can go with.

Sept. 23, 2014

Joined by government leaders and celebrities, hundreds of thousands of concerned citizens in New York City, USA and across the globe took to the streets in possibly the largest climate demonstration in history on Sunday, September 21. The People’s Climate March movement was held two days before the United Nations Climate Change Summit in New York as a call for world leaders to pledge stronger measures on global warming.

People’s Climate March in New York, City: (from right) French Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, former US Vice President Al Gore (vegan), renowned primatologist Jane Goodall, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius

March for the planet

In New York City, as many as 400,000 people rallied through the streets of Manhattan as part of the People’s Climate March. Prominent participants were United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who presided over the summit, former US Vice President and vegan Al Gore, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, French Ecology Minister Ségolène Royal, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Christiana Figueres, and renowned primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace Jane Goodall.

Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Evangeline Lilly, Edward Norton, and Mark Ruffalo, as well as British singer-songwriter Sting, also marched.

The participants showed a remarkable diversity. Among them were indigenous groups, well-known environmentalists and scientists, college students, children and seniors, as well as activists from overseas.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told reporters at the march, “This is the planet where our subsequent generations will live. There is no ‘Plan B’ because we do not have ‘Planet B’.”

Actress Evangeline Lilly told the New York Daily News that she was marching for “my child, my family, and for everyone who has the great privilege of living on this beautiful planet of ours.”

The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association was among the hundreds of organizations that participated. Our Association members, joining in from New York, New Jersey, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Hawaii and other US states, as well as South Korea, handed out 6,000 vegan sandwiches and vegan cookies along with information about the vegan solution to climate change. This was to raise awareness on the crucial fact that meat production is the primary cause of global warming and that a collective switch to a vegan diet would be the most pragmatic and immediately beneficial action. A study published by the Worldwatch Institute found that the meat industry is the single largest cause of human-induced global warming. According to a Greenpeace report, animal raising also accounts for at least 80% of the Amazon region’s deforestation, itself a major factor in climate change.

Around the globe

Coinciding with the march in New York, a rally was held in London, UK with some 40,000 people, including actress Emma Thompson and musician Peter Gabriel. Some demonstrators were wearing animal costumes to make the important point that not only humans but also animals are suffering due to the effects of climate change.

Ms. Thompson stated, “Every single person on this Earth has the power to change the world. And when we all come together, our power becomes irresistible. Now we must use our power to tackle the biggest threat humanity has ever faced.”

An estimated 30,000 people marched in Melbourne, Australia, citing concerns of facing more bushfires and droughts intensified by global warming.

It has also been reported that 25,000 marched in Paris, France, while 15,000 came together in Berlin, Germany.

These demonstrations were among more than 2,500 events reportedly attended by some 600,000 people in over 150 countries including Italy, Bulgaria, Colombia, Brazil, India, Afghanistan, Turkey, Egypt, Tanzania, Formosa (Taiwan), South Korea, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

The largest summit of its kind

Approximately 120 presidents and prime ministers attended the one-day summit on Tuesday to help add momentum for the UN Climate Change Conference scheduled in December. It was the largest number of world leaders to have ever attended a climate conference. US President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff were speakers at the summit.

Supreme Master Ching Hai, who has always called for protecting the planet, stated the following in a videoconference in Los Angeles, USA on May 29, 2014: “We have to take care of this planet as much as possible. Otherwise, the next generation will have nowhere to go. We have the duty to do that. And I hope all the people, including the government, hurry up with all the programs to save the planet. Time is precious.”

Our salute to all involved around the globe for your powerful display of solidarity through the marches as you further raised awareness about the urgency of climate change. We are grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her loving concern for our earth and all her inhabitants. With appreciation for the government leaders at the summit, we pray for your success in quickly carrying out bold and effective solutions to restore our planet for future generations.

Master Ching Hai tells story

There was once one very conscientious Indian yoga practitioner. One day his very old and sick mother died. He became very happy and immediately ran to the big hall, kneeling there he thanked God Almighty! He was there prostrating and saying, “Thank you God! I had not asked and had not prayed to You, but You had already given me a great blessing. Now that my mother had been taken away by You, I am very free and I’m able to think about You wholeheartedly everyday without any encumbrance. Thank You!”

He was there joyously dancing and singing. The neighbors felt it very strange: How come? His mother has died, and he did not shed a tear, and he has even dancing and singing. I mean he was dancing a type of dance as to make an offering to God, not that he was going to a karaoke, it’s not the same! Perhaps it was about the same, moving and shaking, they looked the same. But his mother would not be sad because his mother was also very pious spiritual practitioner, just like himself. They both knew that the world is ephemeral. Thus his mother was very happy when she passed away, and he was also very happy after she passed away. They were both strange people!
After burying his mother, he went to the bank of the Ganges everyday reciting the God five names, meditating, and communicating with God Almighty. It had been three days and this person did not eat or drink anything. He totally forgot about it. He was sitting on one very secluded bank of the Ganges where no pilgrims pass by, thus he did not get anything to eat. Every day he was very happily recited the five names and meditated, so he forgot about hunger.
God Almighty spoke to the people beside Him, “Alas! What a pity! My disciple down there is dying of hunger and it seems like I am not being responsible; not giving him anything to eat. He is there, remembering me every moment of the day, yet I am here forgetting to protect him.” Then God told the angel beside Him to bring some good food to the riverside for him. A lot of blessed food was put on a gold plate: chapatti, milk, apple etc. and brought to that person. That angel had never seen a human being before, not mention a boy. She was a girl and a bit shy to see a boy, so she silently put the plate beside him and flew away.

That person saw the food but did not see anyone come. He thanked God thinking it must have been sent by Him. He finished the food and continued to recite God’s name, meditate, and enter Samadhi. Suddenly a lot of people surrounded him and woke him up. They were carrying sticks and broad swords wanting to arrest him. Very puzzled he said, “Why? What is the matter?” They said, “You thief. You dare to steal this gold plate from God’s temple. We want to take you to the King to punish you.” No matter how he tried to explain, the soldiers would not believe him. Because they saw this poor boy in tattered clothes sitting by the river, they could not imagine that he could possess such a precious gold plate, thus they assumed that he must have stolen it. The plate looked like the ones used in the church to make offerings to God, so they were to take him back to be punished.

After taking him back, the King was very angry. He told his subordinates to beat him. He was beaten for a long time, very hard and very seriously, but that yogi did not feel anything at all, and continued to laugh (Master laughs). Not laughing like I am, but about the same. He was not only laughing, he was also very happy like being tickled. They got tired of beating him; their hands were sore. (Master laughs.) Then they stopped beating him and let him go. The King also felt strange, feeling as if God was protecting him, thus he dared not continue with the beating. But he was very curious and ran to the temple to see if such a plate that had been stolen.

When the king went to the temple, he saw blood flowing from God’s statue. He was very surprised, “How could it be so? How could an idol bleed?” Not only that, the places that were bleeding were exactly the places as on that person which had been beaten. Therefore, he knelt there repenting not knowing what sins he had committed. Later he realized that perhaps that person was innocent, beating him was like beating God, thus God’s statue was bleeding. At that point, the King and his ministers were all very frightened. They all hurried to the riverside, knelt, and repented to that small, penniless yogi; they also offered him food every day. When they went back to the temple, they saw that God’s statue was no longer bleeding, hence they knew the reason.

Because this person was very earnest in his meditation, he thought only about God every day, so God felt guilty because he did not have anything to eat. If it was because of the food that he was beaten, then of course it was God’s fault. Thus He bore the punishment himself. Understand? It is not that after being God or Buddha you care nothing. If we truly practice sincerely then God will take care of everything. This is the meaning of the story.

Spoken by Master Ching Hai

Since ancient times, all great spiritual practitioners, great kings, and great men have succeeded through perseverance. They did not succeed in an instant. Therefore, when we encounter difficulties, we ought to thank the Creator, God Almighty for giving us the opportunity to discipline our patience.

No matter what situation we are in, we must look on the bright side. Look at the optimistic side. Don’t pick on the little things. We should turn the undesirable situation into one that will benefit us.

Even though we live in a place where there is no freedom, but if our hearts are filled with happiness and satisfaction, obtaining the inner source of happiness, then we are truly free.

There is a kind of freedom, which, once we have obtained, no one can tempt away from us nor can anyone destroy it. This kind of spiritual freedom can only be achieved by spiritual practitioners. Once we have this kind of freedom, even if our bodies are confined or tortured, our spirits will not be affected.

Nothing is truly difficult. It depends on whether we want to change ourselves, to recognize honestly which are the good qualities in us and which are deceiving and harmful to us. We have to be honest with ourselves because no one can tell us. Even though we know, but if we are too stubborn or too lazy to change, or too concerned about our image to admit and correct the fault, then it will bring a lot of trouble.

It is enough for us if everything we do is from inside and we know our own nature and standpoint. We should not imitate others.

Every time we extend loving kindness, tolerance and understanding to others, at that time we create heaven.

The Gentle Dog

Master Tells Jokes

There was a thief who went to a very out- standing looking mansion to steal something. Outside of the mansion, there was a sign with a picture of a dog’s head which said, “MEAN DOG INSIDE, PLEASE KEEP OUT!”

But the thief went inside and stole all the things he wanted. After he put them all in a bag and was on his way out, the thief added something under the sign. It said, “That dog was very gentle. Don’t misjudge it.”

Searching for Peace

Spoken by Master Ching Hai

If we want peace, we should search within, not without. We all know that since ancient times, many of the rich and powerful people were not necessarily stable within themselves, while the monks or the so-called Taoists or the spiritual practitioners were very happy, even though they might have worn rags and lived in huts hidden in the mountains. Therefore, happy or not, it should not depend on the outside.
We are all prisoners, more or less! Some people are locked up in a building, while others are bound by their minds; that is the only difference. Being locked up in a building is the most simple but it is not so easy to break free of being confined by the mind. For example, we are imprisoned for a period of time because we made some mistakes, and when the time is up, we are free to go. However, if we are imprisoned by the mind of ignorance or by the desires of greed, anger and obsession, then it is not so easy to break free or know when we will be free, perhaps, not even when we die!

By Master Duy Tue
Originally in Vietnamese

Lesson 14 – You have to believe in your ability

If a little boy your age can learn 4 foreign languages, you can do it too.

If somebody does well in school and has the first place in his class, it is also possible for you to do that.

If somebody can make a robot or a computer, you can, too.

You can do whatever people in the world are able to do. Never ever think that what somebody can do is beyond your ability.

Be confident that, like somebody, you can do something that nobody has ever done before, something that is beyond human’s imagination. Why? Everyone is born with their brains alike. Your brain is not an exception, so you can do what others can.

Tasty Green Beans



- 1 pound green beans, tops and tails trimmed and cut into 2-inch segments
– 4 leeks, well washed, root end and tops trimmed, sliced lengthwise into quarters and then chopped into 1-inch segments .
– 1/3 cup fresh dill, well chopped
– 1 pack silken tofu
– 2 table spoon brown sugar or to your taste.
– 4 tablespoons soy sauce or to your taste.
– olive oil


In a large skillet of medium-high heat add a generous splash of olive oil, then add the leeks. Stir until the leeks are golden and crispy. Add soy sauce and brown sugar. Stir for a minute  then add the dill and green beans. Stir and cook for a couple more minutes – just until the beans brighten up and lose that raw bite. Add tofu and stir for another  minute.


Spoken by Master Ching Hai

Q. Master, when I meditate, I cannot keep my mind concentrate at here (between eyebrows). It runs all over the place and it talks about all kinds of different subjects. How do I concentrate and meditate better?

M. Some people can concentrate right away; some people take a longer time. I have mentioned previously in the lecture. Also forgive yourself. The situation in this world is not conducive to our tranquil meditation and calm thinking, but try again and again. In this world, we have an advantage, that because this world is so difficult for us to practice, God’s blessing is with us many folds. So we walk one step and the Master Power will walk a hundred steps to help us.

If we are in Heaven and practice, it’s not that lucrative. Therefore in Heaven if you want to practice, it takes a longer time. For example, here we practice one day it is equal to one hundred days in Heaven. That’s why many divas, heavenly beings, they like to be incarnated into human bodies, in order to practice faster. It’s because here we have all kinds of rubbing force, like karma and situation and disaster and war and suffering and happiness, all these mixing. It’s a kind of a high degree fire to forge us. These fires will forge us into a strong, useful tool for ourselves and for the world.

While we are practicing here, we have also the opportunity to help our fellow beings and, therefore, we gain more merit as well. For example, you meditate alone at your home, so you have only one personal merit. But, if you, through your effort or through your eloquence, you offer your place, for example, for a hundred persons to meditate, then you have a hundred more merit to add up to your personal merit. So you have a hundred times more quicker, you understand what I mean? Or you get another hundred persons to come in to get initiation, these merits are also yours. Because after all we are one, the more we connected with more people, the more expand we become and the greater we become, in terms of merit. Mathematical wise speaking, it is like that.

So it is better than in Heaven. In Heaven everybody is having a good time and so they take it easy. They don’t have the motivation behind them to push them to concentrate. That is why I say when you are in deep sorrow or when you are despair you pray better, and sometimes you meditate even better. At that time you remember God more; And then you get better experience that day, bigger light, stronger sound or feel more elated, more near to God. So it is good to practice in this world even though it is difficult.

I am happy that many of our fellow initiates practice very diligently. Some come to the center just to look around but later… Well, they don’t look around that long because everybody closes their eyes. So they feel embarrassed after sometime and they also close their eyes, and then they see something inside, instead of looking at pretty girls outside. So there is a very good advantage of having a temple or having a center, where people come together and do the same thing, concentrate and thinking of God; that helps very much. So you take your time. You can look around for a while, and then when you are fed up with it, you close your eyes and meditate with all the people. Okay?

The mind is always having trouble to be controlled; that’s why we have to practice every day. Otherwise, I would tell you, “Get initiation and you are the Buddha.” No more work! Right? It is because our habit is long term. It has been many thousands of years of time, maybe more! So to take one lifetime to clear all these is hard work, but it’s worth it. Or you want to stay here a thousand more years to continue to do that? Well, it’s fun! So that is why I tell you to have to meditate longer time, two and half hours or three hours, because the first twenty minutes is struggling. Just go on, go on with it and after about twenty minutes, it begins to settle down. After half an hour, you begin to enjoy, and forty minutes, you are gone! (Laughter)

The Story Of Shiva

Master Ching Hai Tells Stories


There was a story about Shiva. Do you know Shiva? Shiva was one of the past masters. He was supposed to be the god of destruction. He destroyed negativity, not people. Some people misunderstand so they worry that he’d destroy them so always keep blackmailing him with all kinds of fruit and cakes (Master laughs). So in the past, he meditated very deeply in the Himalayas. He never woke up from the meditation. Nothing stirred him. This is a legend from India. I don’t know if it is true. I just tell you the power of God.

He meditated all the time in the Himalayas, deep in the meditation, never stirred. But some of the gods in heaven were afraid that he didn’t have a wife, so he would not pass down other generation, the holy seed or something like that, the sacred bloodline, so they worried very much, because he was so holy and they wanted to have another generation of this kind. So they sent out a beautiful fairy. Her name was Parvati. She was very beautiful and her figure was enough to make all the men fell down. But she couldn’t stir him. She tried all her best all kind of dances around him or make all kinds of things, but he never stirred out of meditation. So finally she was fed up, so she went to the other side of the mountain, a little bit longer way, selected a mountain range and she sat there and meditated. She said, “Now, all this is nonsense! I meditate on God and I get liberation and eternal bliss. That’s better than to chase a man who is like a stone, and have no feeling!” (Laughter) “And me, so beautiful like this and he never stirs!”

She was fed up, angry and frustrated, so she went to the other mountain, Mountain Kailash, which is the most famous and holy mountain according to Indian belief. It is very high and it has also a very beautiful lake in the vicinity, called Mansarouar. So she stayed there and meditated, and after sometime she attained the blissful state. So Shiva, suddenly, during his deep meditation, he felt something stirring him. There was some very strong, powerful feminine energy. It was kind of made him feel good and excited somehow. So he opened his third eye, had a look and said, “Wow! There’s a beauty over there.” So that was how the romance started. You know the rest. So that’s the power of meditation, the power of God. It even makes the god stir. Do you know what I mean? It made the most ascetic yogi excited. (Master laughs.) Well, if you want to get a good husband, may be a good advice! (Laughter.) Actually, when you don’t want it, you get it.

Parvati was trying her best to charm him but she did not succeed because she tried with the ego, with the limited power of possessiveness and mundane thinking. But when she became holy, her attraction became different. Why? Because his vibration was very holy, his standard was very high. If she used her mundane vibration and energy to attract him, how could he come down? You know what I mean? You have to be at least equal in order to attract the opponent.

Actually it’s like that. Many people have no attraction before, then suddenly after initiation and meditate for some time, they begin to attract people. You know, not necessarily physically, just attract them. They just love them and they just want to be near them. It is because of your vibration, your loving God energy. You cannot conceal it. It just radiates out and then attracts people like magnet, because the souls in themselves are also Godlike. So they just feel attracted to you, the same that people are attracted to the masters, but that is by no means a crutch. It is just a self attracted to a higher self. So after sometimes they just realize that both of them are one. Therefore, who is there to get the crutch? Who is there to rely on whom? So actually that is also the answer to that question about master and religion are crutch. It depends. Okay?

By Master Duy Tue
Originally in Vietnamese

Lesson 13 – Don’t think you are a loser

You shouldn’t think that you are poorer than other people or your parents live a harder life than others. Similarly, you should never think you are less smart than your friends or they are more talented than you. Your neighbor’s house is big or your friend’s parent is a big boss, don’t care about it. You shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone.

You should enjoy life and never get jealous, there is no other way than denying that you are a loser.  As I said, you have everything in your head. Your head will give you just what it takes for a pleasant life.

Originally in Spanish

A blind man is restored to sight. The deceased is raised to life. Mortals see Heaven before their very eyes. The holy scriptures are full of miracles experienced and witnessed by those in the presence of great enlightened Masters. Do unexplainable events we call miracles still happen?

Through Supreme Master Ching Hai’s loving guidance in the Quan Yin practice of meditation, members of our Association worldwide have encountered their own extraordinary incidents in their daily lives. Such privileged moments are a true Master’s grace manifested. Supreme Master Ching Hai has often accredited her students’ miracles to their own reawakened greatness, reminding that such wonders are natural outcomes of daily contact with the Divine.

“Every time you pray miracles will happen all the time because you are in the direction of benevolence and miracles. We are also the miracles. If we know how to tap into this miraculous power within ourselves, then we are in full power, empowered with all miracles and all the mighty power that we can imagine.”

We now invite you to this presentation about our Association members’ modern day miracles on the path.

This story is from our Costa Rican Association member. A mother of two healthy and happy vegan children, Sara leads a joyful, fulfilling family life. Seeing her shining face, we may not easily believe that at the start of her motherhood, Sara was going through a difficult time. What brought her out of that challenging period was something unexpected and incredibly uplifting.


I was pregnant with my first child, and I was going through some difficulties in pregnancy. I was feeling sick, and also lonely, and to tell you the truth – a bit frightened of becoming a mom, of bringing a baby into the world. I was scared of the whole idea of what that represented. I had a family, a husband who was there to comfort me, but even so I wasn’t feeling ready. I got to the point of being really tired, and on one of those most difficult days I felt truly stressed out after spending the whole day at work.

Sara worked as a teacher for blind students. She spent the day teaching her students how to go about downtown in crowded and noisy streets. Though she did her best, it was a long and stressful day. But that night, everything was about to change for Sara.

So that day I arrived home very late. I sat down on my bed, and started to meditate for a while, since meditation soothed me, and then I lay down and fell asleep. As I was sleeping, something very special happened to me. I felt a very pleasant energy come towards me, awakening me little by little. It was an energy surrounding me physically, wrapping around my body and my soul; it was making me feel so good, so happy in my entire being.

All of a sudden, while I was enjoying the nice energy, I realized this energy was coming from Master. So I woke up completely and noticed a small picture of Master beside my bed, and I saw the energy coming from the picture towards me like a wave of love coming to me from Master’s picture. It was like a stream of light forming a path, being placed all on me. I could clearly see with my very own physical eyes the energy coming right towards me from Master’s picture, and it was as if it caressed me… like a mother would caress her baby with all her love.

It made me feel really comfortable, and I stayed in that state of grace for the rest of the night. And for many more days I enjoyed that blessing. For a lot of days it made me feel really good. At that moment, I realized that Master loved me so much, more than anyone else in this world could ever love me. I also realized that Master was not only blessing me but also my unborn baby.

The next day, I went to work feeling very different – very relaxed and happy. I worked with my students again, taking them to the park in order to work out, and we had such a wonderful time. They were really happy too, and my co-workers also noticed my enthusiastic and happy disposition.

After the experience, I acquired a lot more confidence in my life in general, and started to leave behind the fears of being a first-time mom. I felt a lot more self-confident, and a lot of peace in my heart.

With Heaven’s blessings, Sara safely delivered her first child.

Finally, the day my baby came into this world, I had a blessing from God by having my family with me, and a great doctor so loving and compassionate who helped me. I had a wonderful experience, I truly felt no fear, I was happy, and everything went very well thanks to Master’s love. All in all, becoming a mom came to be one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.

A second child came after a few years, and this time I felt no worries but fine all along. I feel really grateful to God, because my children are a blessing in my life. They are compassionate, they are loving, they make me feel happy. They are two angels in my life.

Since that special night resting by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s picture, the joy in her life has continued to expand till today.

This experience was a miracle to me because it was not only a big change in my life but I also got to recognize that the love of a Master, which is above every worldly love, is unique and real. I’m grateful to Master forever. May God fill your life with love, happiness, and peace.

Our respectful gratitude goes to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her constant love and care in so many lives, and in myriad ways both visible and invisible. May the joy in hearts that have been touched bring further hope to our world. We also thank our Association members who have shared their real stories, so that we may be reminded that miracles happen where there is Divine connection and the Master’s grace.

May God’s ever-present light comfort your soul.



Raw Green Wrap with Mango


Collard greens
Nut butter (hemp butter is recommended)


  1. Spread the nut butter on the collard leaves evenly.
  2. Cut the mango in half, and then make cubes from it. Scoop the mango out and put it on the collard.
  3. Add in some cilantro.
  4. Sprinkle a bit of lime or lemon juice.
  5. Wrap them all.

Ready to be served.



“Mimi” Got Lost

Master Tells Jokes

There was a small child who had a dog. One day the dog got lost; no one knew where it went. The child cried his heart out. Every day, he would cry and tell his mother, “My Mimi ran away! My Mimi ran away!” Then his mother told him, “It’s alright, my child. It’s alright! Your daddy has already put an ad in the newspaper. Very soon Mimi will come back and you’ll be together again!” But the child cried even louder: “How will Mimi come back to me? Mimi can’t read the newspaper!”

When we think that we are very good, or excellent, we might be cheated by the mind. The mind loves glory, loves praise, loves fantasy, and thinking that we are good. On the other side, the mind also degrades us. It might sink into depression and an inferiority complex, and cheat us of our glory also. It goes two ways. This is the trap of Maya that nobody knows! People love to hang on to something, and to glorify themselves that they are religious; that they know philosophy… Therefore, Maya – the king of illusion, sets up these kinds of traps, to let them satisfy themselves and stick there forever.

~ Master Ching Hai ~

By Master Duy Tue

Lesson 12 – Don’t think you are a special person

You study very well or sing very well.  A lot of people tell you that and you think you are really special.  It is not right for you to think so. You should never think that you are a special person.  You have to understand that you are a normal person.

Even when other people admire you, you are still a normal person. If someone praises you, of course you have to thank them but you should  also know you are not a genius.

Don’t think you are better than anyone.


Spoken by Master Ching Hai

Even though we all have the master power inside us, the master is the one who realizes it. It’s just like if two persons have the same amount of money inherited from the father, but the one who knows it, who knows where it is then he can use it. The other one, even though he has it but he puts it somewhere or he never knows where it is, so he can’t use it. Similarly, we are all the same, but if we know where to use our Universal Power, then we will become masters of ourselves, masters of our destinies, and we can lead many others to become masters of their own destinies as well. Otherwise, even though we are equally great, we don’t know our greatness and that’s a waste of time. Therefore, we have to come back again, again and again in search for this treasure, until we find it, then our journey ends. Very simple! We are here to search for this forgotten treasure and we never give up until we find it. That’s why our lives are never satisfy because we always know there is something else, something greater than what we have right now. We always somehow know that we are not this container – the flesh, because after we so-called die, the body is still there but we cannot move; we cannot do anything; we cannot love any person; we cannot open our mouths; we cannot do anything at all! That means we are not the body. Something in the body is there to make the body move and work while we are living. Something in the body left when we die, so we cannot move any of our bodily instruments. So somehow we know; very deep in our hearts we know. Well, I know! I don’t know if you know. Do you know? You must know.

That’s why sometimes when you are in trouble especially, you sit down and you don’t want to be with anyone; just want to be alone. Then you think, and then you feel better and better, because you thought there is something there, something that sometimes comforts us in silence. I used to be like that before I know the Quan Yin Method. I used to pray a lot. I pray to Buddha and I pray to Jesus. I am afraid that one of them cannot hear. (laughters) So I pray to anyone I know. Sometimes I pray to Krishna, Hindu God. Actually there is no Hindu God; there is only one God. Just sometimes God resumes an Indian form or a Chinese form, so we call this Hindu God or Chinese God, there is no such thing.

So sometimes when I was in deep sorrow, before I know the Quan Yin Method, I prayed very deeply, just to be alone; not to pray very loud, but to truly lament inside. Then I felt like something lifted me up, and I felt so soothing and so smooth and I felt that there was nothing to worry about. That is the time when we realize that something is greater than life; something is always there to listen to us.

Most people pray, and they say they don’t have any response. It’s because they don’t pray deeply enough. That is why we have more response when we are in deep sorrow because we are truly sincere at that time. We pierce through all the layers of pretending of hypocrisy and we pierce through our false self and we get in touch, somehow, even briefly, with the true Self. That is when we get the response. But I suggest that we don’t have to wait until we are in deep sorrow to do this. That would be too traumatic. We have a better way to do it. We practice it even when we are not in sorrow; that would be better.

We practice before we die; that would be better. So when we die, it is just like walking from one room to the next. Sometimes the master reincarnates again and again, into different bodies, in order to help mankind. Some masters just like to enjoy Heaven, enjoy Nirvana and never want to go back again. Some masters never, never ever incarnated on this Earth, with no intention to do so. Some masters incarnates again and again in order to help the children who are suffering, who have the great treasure but don’t know how to use it; therefore, being very poor, poor and miserable.

So we all come from God, whether masters or not masters. The master is the one who knows God, and the non-master is the one who doesn’t know God yet, but they still have God; they are still from the same.

You see, there are many things that the initiated persons understand and know, but it’s difficult to put them into words. If nobody demands anything from me, I would not even think of God. Do you know what I mean? He is just kind of always standing around or He is just inside me. So I don’t even think of Him. I don’t talk about Him. I don’t miss Him. I don’t seek Him anymore. Just for other people’s sake I talked about God. I talk about these things. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to talk about God. Maybe that’s the reason why I don’t desire to go for lectures or anything like that, because I am just satisfied wherever I am and whatever I do. The initiated people are mostly like that. Many of them have this satisfaction right away at the time of initiation and continue forever.

Some of them have to wait sometime to realize that they have found the treasure. Why is it so? Some people’s curtains are thicker than the others, because we are obstructed by intellectual understanding and by many of the knowledge that we have accumulated during our lifetime, and we are proud of it and cling to that. That’s why we have forgotten that we are greater than this knowledge, greater than the Ph.D. certificate, greater than the name that we are proud to have, like Dr. so and so, or such and such position. We are greater than this, greater than any king on this Earth. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have this ego and that we are trapped into this ego, the Maya net. We don’t even realize it until we practice more and more. And the more we practice, the more we realize that we are obstructed by our own habits, by our own collections of garbage, of a lot of nonsense thinking.

The world is still plagued by violence and war. Is there a way to leverage the power of meditation, to produce social change and even to stop warfare in war torn areas? And the answer, amazingly, is “yes.” First of all, basic principle: we as individuals are not islands. We have an inevitable effect on each other, on our families, on our work environments, on our schools. And if one person is extremely agitated, that has an infectious, negative, ripple effect.

If somebody is very harmonious, very calming, very unifying, very loving, that also has a positive, calming, ripple effect. So just as violence, chaos, and panic can spread through a city; harmony, unity, coherence, and calm can spread through a city.

What does it take to achieve a society-wide transformation, where you could lower crime rates for example, in a whole city, in a whole country?

Well, it takes a few people to do that. It would take about one percent of a city, taking time out twice a day – to meditate, to transcend – to reduce violence and increase calm and coherence and harmony within the city.

But if you can get those meditators together in a group, practicing very specific, very powerful meditations, like we have here in Fairfield, Iowa (USA), a group of 2,000 advanced meditators, dedicating hours a day to their collective practice of transcendental meditation and advance techniques, it’s transcending and experiencing this powerful field of unity and creating a ripple effect from that deepest most powerful level, that can transform the entire country.

For this whole country of the United States, we need about 2,000 people , according to theory and research to produce a demonstrable change, a significant change. And since this group started four years ago today, we predicted in advance that there would be significant reductions of crime throughout the country.

We predicted in advance, with the press, that our country would adopt a more peaceful effect in the world, role in the world, a more peaceful administration.

In the scientific world, research conclusions are much more readily accepted if the study has been published in a respected peer reviewed journal. The experiments involving the Maharishi Effect have appeared in leading scientific journals, including the prestigious Yale University, USA’s Journal of Conflict Resolution and Social Indicators Research.

There are many studies about this, 50 published studies. This group of advanced meditators located here at Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA has itself been enough to begin to turn the tides in the United States, from higher crime to much lower crime and to certainly a more peaceful outreach to the world, as predicted. So it’s very possible to do this.

It takes a number of people, of course, to change the direction of an entire country. When we hit 2,500, which I’m hoping we do within a year, that transformation will be  more comprehensive and far more profound. If you can get even a couple thousand together in one place practicing their TM, and advanced techniques of transcendental meditation, you can create a peace promoting factory.

And one of the reasons for my being here in the corn fields of Iowa is to help build this peace promoting group of meditating experts, to produce a powerful influence peace for the country, and hopefully turn the United States into a beacon light of peace for the world.

We need to take mind to the awareness beyond the mental, to the field of consciousness. That’s where nature is most powerful. That’s where peace is powerful. You need to really change human behavior at a deeper level. You need to actually start to rewire the brain, so that the scientific truth of the unity of life, the unity of humanity becomes a living reality in daily life. You need to elevate the consciousness.

Remember the super-string unified field is the foundation of nature’s intelligence. It is a level of dynamism, where the energy density is a thousand, million, million times more powerful than the nuclear force. That’s the level where you can even overwhelm the destructive potential of nuclear weapons, millions of times more powerful, to prevent the use of nuclear weapons.

The scriptures tell us that with a mustard seed of faith, you can move mountains. How do we explain that, and how do we harness that power? You harness that power by taking the awareness from the very superficial, which is where the mind is weak, to deeper and deeper levels, where the mind is powerful. Why is nuclear power a million times more powerful than chemical energy?

Because chemical energy operates at the molecular level. Nuclear power operates at the nuclear level, which is a million times smaller and therefore, according to quantum mechanics, a million times more powerful. So the deeper you go, the more powerful you become.

You can shout out the name of God, and you get some emotional kind of upliftment. You can settle down deeply and feel God’s presence, and that has a more powerful pervasive influence on the mind and body. Or you can go deeper still and unite with God, on the level of being. There is where you can move mountains. And group meditation is taking a group of individuals, contacting and stimulating that most fundamental and powerful field of nature’s intelligence to transform entire societies.

You are saying that the practice of meditation, and specifically group meditation, takes one beyond this concept level into a beingness level?

Absolutely. Even as individuals we have a lot of power from that deepest, deepest level of our being. In a group, that power is actually amplified powerfully. The reason we bring the group together is to leverage that power.

For example, if you have two loudspeakers; if those speakers are playing the same sound, it’s called a monaural signal. If those two speakers are moving together, they produce a sound wave that’s twice as big, twice as tall as a single speaker. But the power of that wave, the volume of the sound, grows as the square of the height of the wave.

So instead of getting twice the sound, you get four times the sound. Three loud speakers give you nine times the sound, nine times the power. The principle there is called constructive interference, or the n-squared power of coherent radiators. If you put 2,000 coherent radiators in a group, all experiencing and stimulating in unison, that field of unity at the basis of all diversity, that becomes a tidal wave of unity, a tidal wave of peace.

And you can have people that are miles away, hundreds of miles away, from the Golden Domes in Fairfield, Iowa, where people assemble to practice their group meditation, and you’ll feel the influence.

We also asked Dr. Hagelin about the vegetarian diet and how it influences the Maharishi Effect.

There’s a lot of research on vegetarianism, and even veganism, and health. Based on my experience, a vegetarian diet does tend to make you more subtle, more clear, and more peaceful.

Through his research Dr. Hagelin has verified the power of group meditation in creating a peaceful and harmonious energy that reaches out and embraces others in surrounding areas, thereby promoting more constructive lives and the love of all beings.

Thank you Dr. John Hagelin for your contributions to advancing global peace through your scientific work on group meditation, the nature of consciousness, and the Grand Unified Field Theory based on the Superstring. May God continue to bless your kind and noble work which reminds us that universal consciousness and love know no boundaries.


Learn more on Youtube


HAGELINMany decades ago, a great scientist, Albert Einstein attempted to formulate the “Unified Field Theory,” also known as the “Theory of Everything” – a formula that marries all of the forces of nature into a single doctrine. However he was ultimately not successful in reaching his goal during his lifetime.

Now in this Golden Age, scientists have continued Einstein’s noble endeavor to further explore the very nature of existence. One of these individuals is Dr. John Hagelin.

Dr. Hagelin is a world-renowned vegetarian quantum physicist, who received his Ph.D. from Harvard University, USA. He is currently the Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, a leading science and technology think tank, and International Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, an organization of leading scientists throughout the world dedicated to ending nuclear proliferation.

He has led studies on the nature of consciousness, and is a leader among those working to bring together science and our spiritual heritage. Dr. Hagelin has developed the “Grand Unified Field Theory based on the Superstring,” a formulation he says achieves Einstein’s vision and the application of which can bring about peace in our world.

His work is an extension of string theory, which says everything is based on one-dimensional, unimaginably small loop-shaped particles that vibrate like violin strings. The particular vibration determines the characteristics of an object and the things that it will experience. Let us now learn more about his findings.

Would you give us a brief overview of the Unification Theories in physics?

Modern science has explored deeper levels of reality, more fundamental space-time scales; starting at the macroscopic sensory level, getting onto the molecular, atomic, nuclear, sub-nuclear levels, to the electro-weak Unified Field Theory – for which several Nobel Prizes have been given – to grand unification.

And now super unification, where all four forces of nature, including gravity, electro-magnetism, radioactivity, and the nuclear force become one. And all those so-called particles of nature also become unified in the single unified universal field of intelligence at the origin of the universe, at the basis of space and time. That’s what the Unified Field Theory is.

We next asked Dr. Hagelin to further explain the nature of the universal field of intelligence.

Physics has discovered something beyond matter, something non-material, because the material world really stops at about the atomic level. Sub-nuclear particles like photons, quarks, these aren’t particles at all; they are expressions of intelligence, they are vibrational modes of a universal field or a superstring field. So we’ve gone beyond matter into quantum mechanics, then Quantum Field Theory, and today, Unified Quantum Field Theory.

We’ve left matter behind in physics. We’re now about the study of intelligence. And so we have this fundamental field in physics, which is a field of intelligence, not dead intelligence, dynamic intelligence, self-interacting, self-aware intelligence. So, physics has really encountered, stumbled upon the field of consciousness, pure subjectivity at the basis of the objective reality of matter.

Physicists have really probed beyond the limits of matter, and are into the exploration of the fundamental intelligence that gave birth to the universe, fundamental intelligence that governs the universe.

So what is the relationship between unity, diversity and individuality?

Our true Self is our deep inner Self, field of consciousness, field of subjectivity, the “I” within all of us, that which experiences. It’s different from your beliefs. It’s different from anything specific about your life. It is the non-specific field of pure subjectivity; that which knows, that which sees, that is beyond the mind, beyond the intellect, even beyond emotion; that is the true Self.

That pure consciousness within is the unified field, now being explored by physics. So, individuality, this field of course is universal, field of universal consciousness at our inner core. But from that ocean of universal consciousness, swells up waves of individual consciousness. From individual consciousness, ego, comes individual mind, individual senses, individual body. Individuality is just a localized wave on the Universal Ocean of being, Universal Ocean of consciousness.

In meditation, for example, I mean effective meditation, that takes you all the way to that level of universal consciousness, in meditation, you experience the universal, unbounded nature of consciousness, our universal Self and you experience the emergence of individual mind, individual self, individual thoughts and body from that universality.

So modern science is in a position to say, “Yes, that’s true, that’s how it works.” But long before the superstring, the ancient sciences of consciousness and the deep philosophical and spiritual traditions of the world have talked about the fundamental unity of life, and have even given techniques of prayer or meditation, not any prayer, not any meditation, but specific techniques of meditation that actually take the awareness so deeply within, that our inner universal silent Self is opened to direct experience.

How can one access the unified field, the super unified field?

Even though we all have consciousness, by virtue of which I can see you and hear you in this, consciousness is necessary for any experience. But consciousness itself is un-experienced; it’s the experiencer. Consciousness rarely, if ever, has the experience of itself. It is always outwardly directed to one thing or one person or another; a thought, an idea, an emotion, an object, a person; that’s not consciousness; those are objects of consciousness.

So, it’s interesting, in order to experience our own subjectivity, in order to know our own consciousness, our own Self, you need a technique. You need a technique to take the outwardly directed attention and turn that attention powerfully within, to experience and explore deeper levels of mind, deeper levels of human intelligence, deeper levels of consciousness. Absolute universal consciousness remains; consciousness aware of itself; Self-awareness.

That’s the meditative state. And for that a technique is necessary. Just because we have a lifetime of habit of the attention flowing purely without, we need to turn it around and teach it basically to go within.

Dr. Hagelin says that Transcendental Meditation, a meditation technique developed by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, can take one into this deeper level of consciousness. Many scientific studies have concluded that heightened states of awareness can be achieved during meditation. Those who are regular practitioners of meditation report that the experience of an intense, restful state of mind causes constructive psychological changes and improved quality of life.

And interestingly enough, that experience is a fundamental importance, even for education, for example, because that experience alone engages the total brain. It brings what’s called, “global EEG coherence,” maximally expanded comprehension, which becomes more and more stabilized.

And we have that broad comprehension, stabilized, global EEG coherence, permanently established, that leads to increased intelligence, creativity, memory, moral reasoning, academic performance, learning ability, reaction time, alertness; everything good about the mind depends on its systematic development. And that development occurs not so much through reading, writing, arithmetic; that development occurs most rapidly and most completely through the experience of unbounded awareness, the meditative state.

You have mentioned the benefits and implications of the super unified field and you mentioned education. Why isn’t it applied?

It’s a very interesting question, because scientists are talking about the unified field today. Finally, they’ve gotten to that level of ultimate reality. But in terms of applying it, right now today, even with particle accelerators, as sophisticated as they are, there’s no real technology to utilize that most fundamental and powerful level of nature’s functioning, except to the human nervous system, through a subjective technology of consciousness.

That experience of expanded comprehension develops the brain holistically. Not in a fragmented way. You can study like I did, 15 years of physics. You can develop this sliver of the brain here. Or you can study music and develop this sliver over here.

But in terms of holistic development, which is enlightenment, higher states of consciousness, you need this more fundamental experience of the big Self. So the application of the unified field is a side effect of experiencing it. And the experience of the unified field is what develops the total brain, what develops enlightenment.

Dr. Hagelin strongly believes that all educational systems should include meditation practice in their curriculum to enhance students’ level of performance and overall lives.

There are maybe 700 studies published in the world’s top scientific journals, showing that this experience, the meditative state, develops the total brain, develops IQ, improves learning ability, gets rid of ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), which is a terrible epidemic today.

We’ve got to have something that will really work and to give our children a chance, especially children who are locked in these pressure cookers of stress, give them a chance to really succeed in life. It has been in place long enough to have done a lot of published research already showing improved academic performance, radically reduced suspension rates, increased graduation rates, better self-esteem, less violence, less fights, less disciplinary infractions and so forth.

In fact, there’s one school in San Francisco (USA), which was notorious for its violence. That school turned around so profoundly, through a number of innovative improvements including implementation of TM (Transcendental Meditation), what’s called a quiet time program, time out twice a day.

That school improved so much that the principal of that school was awarded by former (US) President George W. Bush with the Middle School Principal of the Year Award. Most successful principal of the country, awarded that because of his ability to turn that school around. And TM was a critical component of the transformation of that school.



  1. 1 pound soybean sprouts*
  2. 2 green cucumbers or zucchini squash
  3. 1 carrot
  4. 6 fresh shiitake mushroom*
  5. 1 piece ginger


A dash of salt, 1 teaspoon brown sugar,  a dash of liquid aminos or soy sauce.


  1. Wash the soybean sprouts. Shred the zucchini squash, carrot and the shitake mushrooms. Slice the ginger.
  2. Add 1 teaspoon cooking oil to a frying pan. When the oil is hot, add in all the ingredients and stir-fry quickly on high heat. Then add in all the seasonings and stir well. Remove from heat and transfer the stir-fried mixed vegetables onto a plate. Serve.

Note:  * Available in Asian markets.



By Master Duy Tue

Lesson 11 – Praying

The magic of love will come in your life when you think about doing good for other people and pray for your beloved. Pray for your father. Pray that he won’t gamble or drink, that he will work hard to feed and raise you and your siblings. One of the best ways to bring up this issue with him is telling him something like this, “Daddy, money you earn from gambling and in dishonest ways is not the right money to bring us up to be smart and good for the society.”

Pray that your mother will be well, happy, hard-working and lucky. If there’s something that makes her upset, pray that she will be gentle with her words so that the peace in the family won’t be disturbed.

Pray that your parents will live happily together.

Pray that your brothers and sisters will have good health, listen to your parents, study hard, and won’t lie. Pray that they will always be smart and love other people.

Pray that you yourself will have good health, understand your school lessons, finish your homework, be fluent in some foreign languages, etc.

Wish yourself those things so that you will grow up to be an understanding person with a loving heart.

Spoken by Master Ching Hai

The mind is just a collection of all kinds of information, bad and good. It is just like a computer, whatever you program it, and when you push the button, it comes out the same. Our brain would be empty; it would be absolutely blank, just like a brand new computer, until we start to record things and information, and sometimes good, sometimes bad. If we happened to record the good information and when we want to make use of it, then the good information come out. If we happened to record the bad information, then of course the bad information comes out.

So now, to meditate, to pray to God or to study the holy scriptures is just a way to reprogram our thinking, our way of life. Because we reprogram it in a good way, the result that comes out is always good, or at least not as bad as before, or at least not all bad. Even though we can’t help to record some bad information daily, the number will be less than before. It’s because we keep recording good things, like we meditate; we meditate on God name, we meditate on God power and we get the God power coming through us, filling us with joy, virtues and goodness. Then even the bad information comes in, it has no room, and also may be minimized. And because of the goodness and the powerful energy from God, through meditation each day, we will be able to dilute or maybe digest completely any information that is harmful to our minds and our souls. That’s why we cannot not to meditate! We cannot not to study the holy scriptures.



We can learn a lot about improving quality of life in our golden years—and maybe even increase longevity—by studying the habits of the world’s longest-lived people.

Where in the world do people live the longest? Though we in the U.S. tend to think we own good health and longevity, the truth might surprise you—the small, remote island of Okinawa, Japan is where you’ll find the world’s largest population of healthy older adults. In fact, of the five locales scientists are studying for their longevity secrets, three are islands, one is a peninsula and one is simply a spiritual oasis.

Live Long and Better

Researcher Dan Buettner, who studies these populations for the National Geographic Society, calls these long-lived pockets Blue Zones. The top five Blue Zones may be relatively isolated and scattered around the globe, but here’s what they have in common, according to the New York Times:

  • A cultural environment that reinforces healthy lifestyle habits like diet and exercise
  • Healthy social relationships and psychological well-being
  • People who tend to gardens
  • People who have a cooperative spirit
  • Public health that is easily accessible
  • Seniors are valued as members of their family and the community

Read on to find out more about what these places are doing right.

Where People Live the Longest Around the World

  1. Okinawa, Japan

In Okinawa—an archipelago 360 miles off the coast of Japan—you’ll find the world’s highest prevalence of proven centenarians: 740 out of a population of 1.3 million. Okinawan seniors not only have the highest life expectancy in the world, but also the highest health expectancy: they remain vigorous and healthy into old age, suffering relatively few age-related ailments.

Secrets of Longevity: Widespread gardening provides an opportunity for exercise, sunlight and nutritious food, and Okinawans follow an old adage that says “eat until you are 80% full” instead of gorging. They also have a sense of purpose, a positive outlook on life and close social support groups called moais.

  1. Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia is an island 120 miles off the coast of Italy where the men—mostly farmers and shepherds—are particularly long-lived. In fact, just one town of 1,700 people, Ovodda, boasts five centenarians.

Secrets of Longevity: Although part of the reason for Sardinia’s longevity may be genetic, they also have the opportunity to follow Mediterranean diet. They walk a lot, but they also take time for leisure, and maintain a positive attitude and sense of humor about life.

  1. Loma Linda, California

60 miles east of Los Angeles, Loma Linda is a community that includes about 9,000 Seventh-Day Adventists—a religious group that is significantly longer-lived than the average American. Adventist culture is focused on healthful habits such as vegetarianism, and warns against alcohol and smoking.

Secrets of Longevity:  Besides the healthful habits integral to their belief system, Adventists eat lots of nuts, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and tend to maintain a healthy weight. They nurture emotional and spiritual health, value their family relationships, and prize volunteering.

  1. Nicoya, Costa Rica

The remote Nicoya peninsula has an inland community in which middle-age mortality is surprisingly low: a man at age 60 has about twice the chance of reaching age 90 than a man living in the U.S. They also have the lowest rates of cancer in Costa Rica.

Secrets of Longevity: Their plan de vida or sense of purpose in life encourages a lifestyle that is physically active, with plenty of time outdoors as well as time spent on family and spirituality. They sleep 8 hours. And their diet includes not only nutrient-rich foods like colorful fruit, beans, rice and corn, but also water that’s naturally high in calcium and magnesium.

  1. Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria is a Greek island 35 miles off the coast of Turkey. Like Nicoya, they’ve got a lot of nonagenarians: people there are three times more likely to reach 90 than Americans are. According to the Blue Zones website, “Chronic diseases are a rarity in Ikaria. People living in this region have 20% less cancer, half the rate of cardiovascular disease and almost no dementia!”

Secrets of Longevity: Boasting a mineral hot springs, Ikaria has been a health destination for centuries. Its residents stay active through walking, farming, but they also make sure to take time out to nap and socialize. In addition to their Mediterranean diet, they eat a lot of wild greens and drink an herbal tea that’s full of nutrients. Their community lifestyle also encourages good health habits and regular social engagement.



BmLg9uICAAAAGfTDavid Carter sure doesn’t look like the weak stereotype that many perceive those on a vegan diet to be. This 300-pound athlete is the defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders in the NFL, and he does not eat any animal products. He is 26-years-old, has a height of 6-6 and can bench 470 and squat 660 pounds.

Carter grew up eating meat and believed it was necessary to eat it in order to be big and strong. “Every coach, trainer, nutritionist, and doctor all pointed me in the direction of animal products,” he wrote on his blog. “From protein shakes to weight gainers there was no other alternative, so I did as I was told and followed the standard athlete’s diet regimen. Whey protein, raw eggs, gallons of milk, and casein were in just about every supplement I took.”

So why did he make a healthier change? ”One night my wife and I were watching Forks Over Knives and I realized that all the effort I was putting in to get big and strong for football was actually killing me,” he wrote. So, he started eating vegan!

Carter is awesome for showing the world that you can thrive and be strong enough to play football with the biggest of meat eaters. He played college football at U.C.L.A. and was drafted in 2011, making this season his fourth year in the NFL. Now, he is in the process of launching his personal website, The 300 Pound Vegan, where you can read posts about his vegan diet and catch up on news relating to the athlete. The site plans to allows readers to make a difference by submitting donations.

“I have always seen the benefits of being vegan, but I never thought I could have a plant-based diet and keep weight on for football,” Carter wrote on his blog. ”After being vegan for only two months I can honestly say that being vegan is not the only most efficient way to be full body strong, it’s also the most humane; everyone wins.”


Words of Wisdom

We never know when the retribution of our negative karma will come back to us. It always descends upon us suddenly, and when it is least expected. Therefore, we must take good care of our actions, speech and thoughts at all times, and remember to connect with the Almighty Power within in order to raise our level of consciousness. Then, when the negative karma comes, we will have enough wisdom and power to overcome it.

If we still do not have empathy with the suffering of other human beings and animals, or the capacity to feel the emotions of others, then we are still far from the Tao.

~Master Ching Hai~

More and more companies are offering tree-free, eco-friendly alternatives to regular toilet paper as well as napkins, paper towels, and other tissue paper products. Many of these eco-conscious companies also choose not to use chlorine, a toxic chemical used to bleach paper that pollutes the environment and can cause cancer.

If we all switched to using tree-free toilet paper and other tissue products, we could:

  • Stop the deforestation of an estimated 99 million trees annually
  • Reduce global warming
  • Save tons of water used for manufacturing
  • Save energy used for manufacturing
  • Reduce the pollution of our air and waterways (rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.)
  • Preserve the habitats of countless plant and animal species, not to mention our own!
Did you know?
Toilet paper alone destroys 27,000 trees per day globally!
Ordinary toilet paper contains mercury, dioxin, BPA, and BPS, which are chemicals associated with environmental pollution and health problems such as cancer.
Tree-free toilet paper can be made with different materials. Often, it’s a combination of sugarcane bagasse (the fibrous byproduct left after extracting the sugar) and bamboo, which happens to create some of the best paper on the market because it’s:
  • Soft – softer than most recycled paper products
  • Strong – bamboo and sugarcane fibers are both very strong
  • Biodegradable – bamboo and sugarcane fibers quickly decompose back into the earth
  • Sustainable & rapidly growable – both bamboo and sugarcane are grasses and grow fast: bamboo can grow 100 inches per month, sugarcane grows 12 inches per month, whereas timber grows only 2 inches per month; bamboo doesn’t need to be replanted as the cut stem grows back in a few months
  • Virgin fibers – bamboo and sugarcane products don’t require heavy bleaching of inks and dyes as recycled paper products do
  • Eco – sugarcane bagasse is widely available but in many cases discarded and burned, releasing pollutants into the air. So using sugarcane bagasse for paper prevents wasting and burning.

Bamboo (above)
and sugarcane stalks
Some companies, such as Nimbus Eco, state that they grow the bamboo and sugarcane on farms and harvest by hand, thus reducing waste and carbon emissions. One award-winning manufacturer in China, Tralin, uses straw from harvested grain crops, which would otherwise be discarded.Supreme Master Ching Hai said that in the future, we can certainly make use of gardening and pruning leftovers or cut grass or wheat, etc., instead of burning them.

Going tree-free is surely better for the environment (and our health, too)!

Here are some of the companies we know that offer treeless paper products.
Feel free to look for more in your local area.
Shandong Tralin Group (China)
Made with: straw pulp
Caboo (Canada and USA)
Made with: sugarcane bagasse and bamboo
Use hydrogen peroxide, a non-chlorine bleach
Kcrown Green Choice (Australia)
Made with: sugarcane bagasse and bamboo
Use of chlorine is unknown
Nimbus Eco (available on
Made with: sugarcane bagasse and bamboo
Chlorine-free bleaching
Ology (USA; sold only at Walgreens stores)
Made with: sugarcane bagasse and bamboo
Use hydrogen peroxide, a non-chlorine bleach
Green2 (USA and Canada)
Made with: sugarcane bagasse and bamboo
Use hydrogen peroxide, a non-chlorine bleach
Kora (available on
Made with: bamboo
Chlorine-free bleaching
Green Soft – Saved a Tree (Australia)
Made with: bamboo, straw, reed, cotton
Use of chlorine is unknown
…. Plus more!
Bleaching Terms to Know
TCF (Total Chlorine Free)
No chlorine or related compounds were used.
Common TCF bleach: hydrogen peroxide.
PCF (Process Chlorine Free)
Recycled paper that was rebleached without any chlorine; however, the original paper may have been bleached with chlorine.
ECF (Elemental Chlorine Free)
Although no chlorine gas was used, chlorine-related compounds were used, reducing but not fully eliminating toxins like dioxin.
We thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for advising us to share this information and for encouraging us through her Message on Eco-Alternatives to Using Paper


By Master Duy Tue
Originally in Vietnamese


Lesson 10 – Don’t think that your friend is less than you

When somebody can’t do what you can, don’t think he is a loser. It is better to wish that he would be as great as you are. If he doesn’t understand a lesson, you should try every possible way to help him figure it out. You need to help him study so that he will be just as good as you.

If someone is better at mathematics or language arts than you, don’t hate him or get jealous of him, be nice to him. Talk to him and ask him to share his experience in studying those subjects, and be grateful for his help.

milk x-large

  1. It’s Sort of Weird

It sounds a bit judgmental. But, isn’t drinking milk just about one of the oddest things we do as humans? Lots of animals eat other animals. Lots of animals eat fruit and vegetables. What other animals nurse from a species other than their own? What other animal consumes milk so late in life? Imagine a cow breastfeeding with a ten-year-old human. Now, that’s unnatural!

2. It’s Abusive to Animals

I grant you it’s a difficult debate, but if you’ve ever milked something yourself or seen the machines suck udders dry, you know this isn’t how things are supposed to work. The cows (or goats) may not die from it, but they are forced into suspended, bloated states of lactating. Their milk is taken from them by people instead of their offspring, the rightful beneficiaries, which were ripped away from their mother shortly after birth so she could live a life hooked up to a machine being drained of her own and her child’s life source. Not cool.

3. It Often Promotes Factory-Farmed Environments

Whatever you think about animals’ rights, there is no doubt that the factory farms, where most milk comes from, are a detriment to the environment. The very dairy erroneously given to kids to be healthy is playing a big role in destroying the world they are supposed to live in.

4. Kids Don’t Need Dairy Calcium

Dairy isn’t the only thing that has calcium. In fact, lots of things have lots more. We’ve just spent the majority of our lives being led astray, victims of government subsidy support (school lunches!) and clever ad campaigns. Get calcium from healthier sources elsewhere.

5. It’s Full of Casein

In fact, while we were staring in awe at the off-the-charts calcium intake, we were being distracted by the realities of the other things dairy had. Case in point: Casein, the addictive protein found in dairy. It can be allergenic, and it’s really not good for us. The only way to kick it is cold turkey.

6. It’s Not At All Natural

Maybe you didn’t like the “unnatural” point I made earlier. Well, how about the fact that dairy contains all kinds of crazy stuff like herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, preservatives, additives, and just plain old pus. Gross. Who wants to give their children that junk?

7. They May Be Intolerant to It

Over half the world’s human population is lactose intolerant. How meant for dairy are we? Even so, the industry has created lactose-free versions and medication to make it possible for intolerant people to keep consuming it. Why? Doesn’t that intolerance signify something is off?

8. It Can Be Full of GMOs

What do many cows eat? GMO grown crops. So, if my logic class was correct in college: If we are what we eat, then cows are what they eat, so if cows eat GMO crops, then they are full of GMO gunk, which undoubtedly comes out as GMO dairy. Do you want genetically modified children?

9. It Can Promote Disease

Dairy is linked to all sorts of horrendous ailments, including animal-based dietary mainstays such as  cancerdiabetesautism and schizophrenia, as well as many autoimmune disorders, including Multiple Sclerosis.

10. They Usually Don’t Even Want It

Most kids don’t want to drink milk anyway, so parents are actually force-feeding children something that isn’t healthy. Why not save that energy for foods — vegetables, people! organic vegetables! — with true health benefits? Worried about calcium?

Seriously, dairy is a bit scary. Do you let the kids watch scary movies? Maybe that warm glass of milk before bedtime should be of the coconut variety. Then, you could sleep a little more soundly as well.



Morning Liver Tonic

Turmeric_main_0127by Aylin Erman

When you wake up in the morning, you’re body is in a very special place. The reason we are usually instructed to take supplements in the morning is because our stomachs are empty and there is little to interfere with said supplements’ potency. This morning tea pulls you out on the right side of the bed, giving a morning cleansing body flush. The lemon juice is highly alkaline and turmeric is known for its detoxifying properties.

Turmeric dates back 2,500 years in India, where it is commonly used in Ayurvedic and Unani medicine. Turmeric packs a lot of health benefits, but for our purposes it should be regarded as a liver cleanser, antiseptic and antibacterial agent. But it doesn’t hurt that the spice lowers the risk of cancer, is anti-inflammatory and helps to lose weight. Turmeric additionally treats Alzheimer’s, depression and arthritis.

You can sweeten with honey to balance the earthiness of the tea.

The Formula:

  • 8 ounces hot water
  • 1/8 teaspoon turmeric
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon


by Master Duy Tue
Originally in Vietnamese

Lesson 9 – Six important things to learn

 Your life will get better everyday if you understand the importance of the following things and practice them.

  1. Ability to use foreign languages: You should be able to speak at least three languages. Why? Because it will help you communicate with people in other countries when you travel out of your country. Being able to read in languages other than your first language allows you to get more from what is known and written by people around the world. You can find information in different languages from the Internet. If you can speak some foreign languages, you will have more opportunities to meet and talk with people around the world. You will be wanted by more companies, more people, and more countries. Language fluency will help you open your mind.
  1. Ability to use computers: Information technology is an important part of our life today. Therefore, you need to know how to use a computer to do different kinds of work. Being able to use a computer connects you with the world in which you are living.
  1. Not believing what you haven’t seen or understood: You should trust what you see, what you hear, and what you know by your life experience. Don’t trust and live by other people’s guidance until you know whether their ideas are right or wrong. I hope you will not readily believe what you haven’t understood or seen.
  1. Staying away from cruel and selfish people, but don’t hate them. You should practice loving them instead.
  1. Paying attention, observing, and listening: The habits that help you in many ways and you should learn are paying attention, observing, and listening.
  1. Whether or not to answer a question: When somebody asks you a question, you shouldn’t give your answer right away. Look into his or her eyes before you decide whether or not to answer.


Circus animals do not willingly stand on their heads, jump through rings of fire, or ride bicycles. They don’t perform these tricks because they want to and they don’t do any of these meaningless acts in their natural habitat. The ONLY reason circus animals perform is because they are scared of what will happen to them if they don’t.

The circus would like you to think that these intelligent and sentient creatures perform because they are positively reinforced with food, praise etc. There is no such thing as positive reinforcement for animals in the circus – only varying levels of punishment, neglect, and deprivation. These animals have limited access to food and water as to will them to perform, as well as to prevent untimely defecation and urination while they are on stage or in public view.

An LCA investigator went undercover inside the Carson & Barnes Circus, where he documented extreme animal abuse, including elephants being beaten with baseball bats, pitchforks, and other objects; shocked with electric prods; and hit on the head and across the face. LCA worked with local media to expose this cruelty and filed a complaint with the United State Department of Agriculture.


Training circus animals involves physically punishing them. These training practices generally will be hidden from public view make the audiences believe these animals want to and are willing to perform. Because these animals have been conditioned through violent training sessions, they know that refusal to obey in the ring will result in severe punishment later. Moments before entering the ring, while just outside of public view, trainers may give the elephants painful whacks or blows to remind them who’s in control and to ensure that the elephants perform the specified tricks on command.

Animals in the circus are routinely whipped, beaten with long metal rods, shocked with electric prods, and struck with clubs. Trainers often strike elephants with a bullhook or an ankus on the sensitive areas of their skin such as around their eyes, under their chin, inside their mouth, and behind their knees and ears. A bullhook is also sometimes used to hit animals across the face. Bears have their noses broken and their paws burned to teach them to walk on their hind legs. Carson & Barnes trainers have even been documented using blowtorches on elephants. Circuses easily get away with these cruel practices because no government agency monitors training sessions.


A number of animals are even drugged to make them more manageable. Others have their teeth removed; one group of chimpanzees had their teeth knocked out by a hammer. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus uses some of the worst training practices with elephants ever documented. Elephants have a very similar life cycle to humans and they care for their young much like we do. These captive elephants are forced to breed as young as 8 years old, that’s like breeding an 8 year old child. After the mother gives birth, tied by 3 legs the entire time, the babies are taken away immediately which causes the mother severe duress. Ringling Bros. chains the mother by all 4 legs to take the baby away so that the mother elephant won’t be able to hurt the trainers. Even before being weaned these baby elephants are put in a separate area from their mothers and are then chained for up to 23 hours a day. In the wild, elephants often nurse their babies until five years of age. Then the “correction process” for the baby elephants starts where they are tied up and beaten repeatedly to break their spirit. This training process is so brutal, that Ringling Bros. WILL NOT let their own PR department film the training of these baby elephants.


Ongoing travel means that circus animals are confined to boxcars, trailers, or trucks for days at a time in extremely hot and cold weather, often without access to basic necessities such as food, water, and veterinary care. Elephants, primates, big cats, and bears are confined to cramped, filthy cages in which they eat, drink, sleep, defecate, and urinate- all in the same place. The climates circus animals encounter during their exhaustive travels are often very different than that of their natural habitats. Bears are forced to endure extreme heat in the summer, and sometimes even walk across hot concrete on their way into the performing arena. Lions, on the other hand, find the cold very difficult to bear; some circus animals freeze to death.

The majority of circus elephants are captured in the wild. These wild elephants walk as much as 40 miles a day while in their natural habitat. Once captured, they are chained in one place for up to 23 hours a day. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus brags that it’s three units travel more than 25,000 miles as the circus tours the country for 11 months each year. Ringling Bros. own documents state that on average, elephants are chained for more than 26 hours straight and are sometimes continually chained for as many as 60 to 100 hours. When the animals arrive at their next destination, instead of being let off the railway cars immediately after arriving at the arena, they are sometimes forced to remain inside for hours despite extreme temperatures.



Elephants are very social creatures and they form tight bonds with their families and other elephants. They feel joy, compassion, sadness, and grief just like humans do. Many circus animals become dysfunctional, unhealthy, depressed, and aggressive as a result of unnatural and unrelenting confinement in which they are kept and treated. When these elephants have their babies taken away, that life long relationship is abruptly terminated and every moment, every natural instinct, and every natural behavior is subject to discipline.

Some signs of abnormal behavior found in captive elephants include rocking, swaying, head-bobbing, or other repetitive movement. These behaviors are signs of extreme psychological distress. Elephants who are breathing with their mouths open are usually in pain. Captive large cats and bears pace back and forth and some bears have been known to beat their heads against their cages. Bar biting and self-mutilation are also common among circus animals, and is directly related to the stress caused by confinement.


Wild animals behave instinctively and unpredictably. In more than 35 dangerous incidents since 2000, circus animals have run amok through streets, crashed into buildings, attacked members of the public, and killed and injured handlers.

Additionally, some circus elephants have been diagnosed with a human strain of Tuberculosis (TB) and then come to pass it on to their handlers. Elephants in circuses are predisposed to TB because of routine transport that often exposes them to other infected elephants and because of stress factors, including severe punishment, constant confinement, inconsistent water quality and food supply, and poor nutrition. TB is an airborne disease which spreads through tiny droplets in the air. If TB is diagnosed in an elephant there are clear public health implications as the disease can be spread by close contact with infected animals and people. Circuses often allow members of the public to feed, pet, and ride the elephants which puts them at a great risk.

Observing circus animals teaches the public and children nothing about the natural behaviors of the animals. A lot of people mistakenly believe that captive breeding will help elephants and other species from becoming extinct. However, elephants that are born in the breeding centers of circuses can never be returned to the wild. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus operate under the umbrella of conservation. Ringling Bros. built a property in Florida that is known as “The Center for Elephant Conservation”. This “farm” is not open to the public. A former worker at Ringling’s elephant farm became a whistleblower on their training methods and took pictures and videos detailing the abuse. Gary Jacobson, the general manager of Ringling’s elephant farm, was filmed roping all four legs of baby elephants and then stretching their legs in every direction to force them to the ground and break their spirits.


• Do not visit circuses that use animals.
• Write to circus sponsors and tell them you do not want to see wild animals in circuses, for the sake of the animals and the public.
• Write letters to editors of local newspapers asking sponsors to stop supporting the circus.
• Organize or attend a protest.
• Support legislation protecting circus animals.
• Report any possible violations of state and local animal protection laws to the police and animal control.


• Cirque du Soleil
• The New Pickle Family Circus
• Bindlestiff Family Circus
• Circus Millennia
• Circus Smirkus
• Cirque Eloize
• Circus Oz
• Mexican International Circus
• Cirque Ingenieux
• Earth Circus
• Fern Street Circus
• Little Russian Circus
• Neil Goldberg’s Circus
• New Shanghai Circus
• Circus Vargas



Mass keeping of livestock

The huge quantities of meat being consumed today can only be produced by an industrialized “meat production”. The mass keeping of livestock is a direct result of the high meat consumption.

Cruelty to animals

In order to produce meat as cheaply as possible, the so-called animals for slaughter are being kept under painful and unnatural conditions. Some of these “methods of torture” are: Standing boxes where pigs do not have the freedom to make even one step, boxes for calves where the calves are isolated from their fellow calves and where they don’t even have enough room to turn around, transports of animals that last for hours or even days, most of the time without water and food, cow trainers (electrical wire located directly above the cow), cow barns and pens with openings for manure in the floors which make it very painful for cows and pigs to walk on because of their specific type of hoofs, etc.

Sick animals

This mass breeding of the meat industry keeps on causing new types of diseases which are not always harmless to human beings. One can hear of the mad-cow-disease more often as well as of the foot-and-mouth disease and other epidemic diseases in the industry of mass keeping of livestock. Nobody speaks of the psychic symptoms of sickness as e.g. constant biting into bars due to boredom because nobody believes in this having any effects on the quality of meat.

Killing of creatures capable of feeling pain

Irrespective of how the animals are being kept: They are all killed to satisfy the human palate. Normally, the animals have to watch how their fellow animals are being killed (by bleeding to death) before it is their turn.

Human health

The stress of being slaughtered causes the animals to produce large quantities of different hormones (e.g. adrenalin). These are being consumed when eating meat and cause, together with other poisons added up over an animal’s lifelong taking in of (non-biological) feed, several health problems. In addition, human organism, which is neither made to digest such large amounts of protein nor to take care of “purin”-acid contained in meat, is literally being polluted by the fast decaying meat. Consequences among others are: Gout, rheumatism, heart diseases as well as diseases of the circulation system, diabetes of old age. Even certain kinds of cancers are found more often in the bodies of meat eaters than in the ones of vegetarians.

Waste of taxes

The above mentioned illnesses caused by civilization where high meat consumption plays a significant role are also responsible for the big increase in health costs. To keep the unprofitable meat industry alive, it needs to be strongly supported by subsidies.

Waste of foodstuff

The meat production wastes a lot of foodstuff. To produce one kilogram of meat, one needs 7 – 16 kg of grain or soya beans. When “transforming” grain into meat 90% of protein, 99% of carbohydrates and 100% of fiber are lost.


The constantly rising need for fodder does not only cause less land to be available for cultivation of human foodstuff, but it also promotes monocultures. Besides, cultivation of fodder disregards ecological consequences. Biological feed for animals for slaughter is hardly known even though the pesticides used cause damages to the environment and the consumer’s health in the end.

Over-acidification and over-fertilization of the soil

The livestock of Europe and the USA pollute the drinking water and the soil. Among other things, they are responsible for acid rain, dying of forests, over-fertilization of the soil and the oceans.

Climatic changes

An increasing part of the changes in climate caused by man is due to the mass keeping of livestock. Only the 1.3 billion cattle kept worldwide produce over 100 million tons of methane gas yearly.

Solution to the problem

It is being tried again and again to at least tone down some of the above mentioned problem areas. However, these attempts failed because it was usually not tried to solve the problems at their roots. Naturally, it is easier to blame the keepers of livestock, the politicians or the industry, to organize demonstrations and to collect signatures. But all of this will remain ineffective and implausible as long as every single person is not starting with him-/herself to eliminate the cause. As, unfortunately, it cannot be expected that all human beings will be understanding of these correlations, at least the ones who are should not only reduce their meat consumption, but also set an example to the others by a total renunciation. This is only one step in order to get rid of the problems, but it is a very important one. And most of all: It can be done right away by everyone!



By Master Duy Tue
Originally in Vietnamese

Lesson 8 – Helping

For example: In your class there is someone really fat. Everyone in class always makes fun of him. That guy also has one thing that you don’t like. He often breaks in a conversation earlier than expected or starts talking before the other person finishes his or her words. What do you do so that he will not interrupt when somebody talks and everyone will not make fun of him.

If you want to help him, you have to choose your words carefully so as not to make anyone upset. With those who like making fun of your fat friend, tell them gently that if they make him seem silly by saying that he is fat, they themselves will get fat sooner or later, or even fatter. Tell them that is why you don’t dare to make fun of the fat friend.

When you see him interrupt somebody, rather than tell him it is not a good thing to do, tell him a story you make up about yourself like this: I once had the habit of interrupting, then my grandfather said, “Now that you jump into somebody’s mouth, when you grow up, you will have no good food to eat”. Since then, I haven’t interrupted anyone again in fear of having nothing delicious to eat.

Those are the ways for you to help your friend. Talk to him softly so that he won’t get hurt and he will listen. When you know the right way to help him get rid of his bad habits, he will not get upset.

Spoken by Master Ching Hai
December 4, 1993
Portland, Oregon

It is good not to eat fish or meat. Actually, if we can love a dog, why not love a cow or pig; because they are the same. [Applause] This is one of the reasons why we should be vegetarian – love for all beings, extending love. Enlarge our love, enlarge ourselves, to the whole universe. We shouldn’t even cut the flowers or eat vegetables, but still we have to do what’s minimum, what’s less suffering. The flowers when we cut them, they can sprout again and make more flowers. Vegetables when we cut a branch, they can sprout a few more branches. So, it’s not that bad.

Even though all beings have feelings, plants have the least feelings, because ninety percent of the constitution of vegetables is water. That’s why they have less consciousness than animals or human beings. We human beings are a combination of many things, and that gives a good environment for intelligence to activate. For example, even though you are very intelligent, you need a good computer in order to program some intelligent things – some distinguished program.

Similarly, God Power needs this body which is a composition of different elements, in order to manifest inside into the outer world. That’s why we have more feelings, more intelligence, because God Power can make use of many of the tiny instruments within ourselves in order to spread out the blessing, the message and the intelligence. In that plant, God Power cannot do that, because there are not enough instruments. That’s all.

Just like the bulb here. If the electric bulb is a 100-watt, then its electricity can be brighter than in a 20-watt. If we damage the 100-watt bulb, it is more expensive, more of a waste than a 20-watt bulb. This is why we try to economize. This is why we should eat the least conscious thing possible, like vegetables. Is that logical to you? [Audience: Yes]

I don’t try to push you into guilt or things like that, but we discuss the possibilities of why and how. That’s why to kill a human being is the most terrible crime, to kill animals is second to it, and a plant is not much. They can grow again, even from the root. But the animal, even if you cut only half of its head, it won’t grow again. Therefore, we have to believe things when they’re logical; not because it’s the guilt-inflicting theory or because we have to do that because some of the teachers say so or some of the religions say so.

I do not feel that we are unintelligent beings, that we could swallow anything, especially the Americans. They are no-nonsense folks. They don’t just “eat” anything. So, we have to tell them whatever is logical. Even if people do not accept it today, they can think about it later.

Sometimes I believe also, that during the course of my speaking, sometimes it’s too fast – you sometimes listen to one sentence and you miss the next, and also it’s difficult. So, if you want to listen again, you can get the tape. All the tapes we sell are without profit, because we don’t believe in selling God for profit. We make profit other ways, by mundane talents like dress designing, lamp producing, painting pictures. All these things we are allowed to make. It’s our mundane talents, so we get the mundane profit; but not to sell God for profit. We don’t even collect money, get a member’s fee, or anything to do with God’s teachings; because it’s all free for every of His children. It was free for me. It will be free for everyone, as long as I can afford it. If I cannot afford, then I stop.

Now, can you see why we are God? God Power is omnipresent, is all-pervading everywhere; and we are just one of the beholders. Just like my swimming pool – the water came from the nearby stream, led in by a pipe, and we have a hole underneath or on top so that it will flow out again into the river without stopping a portion of the water. the water in the pool, even though it’s surrounded by stones and cement, is still water from the river and is connected in some other way.

If our swimming pool is blocked from connecting with the spring for some reason, then we have to unblock it. Maybe the pipe is blocked, the pipe is damaged, or the hole is blocked; so we have to unblock it. Enlightenment is the unblocking of our obscurity to our own nature, to the God connections within ourselves, and to the whole Power of the universe.


For many, feeding birds at ponds and parks is a cherished childhood memory; one they lovingly recreate for their children and grandchildren. Tragically, thousands of birds die annually due to a condition overwhelmingly caused by people who don’t know this beloved activity can be deadly.

What is Angel Wing?

“Angel wing” is a deformity commonly found in ducks, geese, swans, and other waterfowl. There has been little scientific study done on the condition, yet most wildlife and waterfowl experts agree the overwhelming cause of angel wing is an unhealthily-high protein and/or carbohydrate-based diet. The disorder causes the last joint in one or both wings to unnaturally twist outward, rather than lying flat against the bird’s body.

Birds with angel wing are stripped of their ability to fly and therefore their main method of defense. Since the affected birds are unable to escape predators, they are often maimed or killed by them. Additionally, when life-threatening weather conditions develop, they are unable to fly away to safety, and instead starve, succumbing to injuries or freeze to death.

How Do Birds Contract Angel Wing?

The birds most likely to contract angel wing are those residing in parks, on ponds, and in public areas where people feed them unhealthy food. As they grow, young birds subsisting on white bread and other inappropriate food sources can develop issues preventing their bones from forming normally, resulting in angel wing.

Because birds grow much more rapidly than humans, each day’s nutrition has a direct effect on development. Even a few days of improper eating can cause irreparable damage. Studies suggest feeding waterfowl an unhealthy diet can accelerate growth, causing the wing to develop too quickly for proper bone support.

How Is Angel Wing Treated?

Cape Wildlife Center, a Barnstable, Mass.-based wildlife rehabilitation center operated by The Fund for Animals, an affiliate of The Humane Society of the United States, treats about 2,000 animals per year, including a significant number of geese, swans, and ducks suffering from angel wing. The highest incidence of admission is late fall or winter when affected birds have grown enough for the condition to be fully and painfully apparent.

If the patients treated are very young, the condition can sometimes be minimized by splinting and repositioning the affected wing while feeding them a proper diet for optimal growth. Even then, a full recovery is not guaranteed. For rehabilitators, it can be emotionally taxing to see birds denied the chance for a full and productive life because people didn’t know about the dangers of improperly feeding them.

For adult birds, the condition is almost always a death sentence: They are struck by cars, killed by predators, or die from nutritional deficiencies or weather extremes. Even birds who are rescued and brought to a rehabilitation center will surely die if set free. They must be placed with a sanctuary for the remainder of their life, and there are not enough sanctuaries to meet demand.

How Can I Help?

Angel wing can be drastically reduced by not feeding birds “people food,” including white bread, popcorn, or crackers. This simple rule will literally save lives.

This doesn’t mean the enjoyable and bonding activity of feeding birds must be eliminated – you just have to identify areas where feeding waterfowl is supported, and offer the birds the right food to sustain their health.

Nutritious waterfowl feed or duck pellets are inexpensive, easy to carry, and can be purchased at most feed stores. Seedless grapes cut in half, shredded kale, Swiss chard or romaine lettuce, and grains, including wheat, barley and oats, are all healthy food sources that will appeal to most waterfowl. Make sure anything you feed is bite-sized to avoid choking hazards.

Feeding wild birds a proper diet preserves a treasured family tradition while teaching children the importance of making choices that strengthen, rather than undercut, the human-animal bond. In this way, we will rear generations of people recognizing the necessity for responsible stewardship and celebrate the value of compassionate co-existence with wildlife.



Hell and heaven are within you, both gates are within you.
When you are behaving unconsciously there is the gate of hell; when you become alert and conscious, there is the gate of heaven.


Oat Cashew Bars



1 cup date sugar (less if you don’t like sweet)

1/2 cup coconut oil + 1 teaspoon vegan lecithin

2 table spoons lemon juice

1/2 cup soy flour

2 cups quick oats

1 cup ground cashews

1/4 cup water

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup chopped pecans or almonds



1. Combine all ingredients.

2. Mix and press 1/4″ thick on an oiled cookie sheet.

3. Bake about at 350 for 20 minutes.

4. Cut into shapes you like while still hot.


By Master Duy Tue
Originally in Vietnamese

Lesson 7 – The Magic of having a dream

 Having a dream is different from wanting something like money, fame, or power. In which way are they different?

Your wants that come with being greedy, lazy, and playing tricks will not make you happy.

A good dream is a desire that is possible to be fulfilled. In that dream, you desire to do something that helps your community and people in other parts of the world.

Some examples of a good dream are a dream of writing a lot of interesting books, of having inventions or initiatives that benefit the society, or of becoming a professor at a well-known university in the world. Dreams of doing good for your people and the mankind are the dreams that let your love grow.

When you dream like that, your head will get clearer and brighter. Then you will have whatever you need to be able to help other people. You don’t have to worry about money or housing. Those things will take care of themselves. Therefore, having a dream is a magic that few people know.

Michael Bolton


Singer and songwriter Michael Bolton, 60, vegetarian for 42 years

How fit are you? 

I’ve always loved sports, especially baseball and [American] football. I try to work out four days a week when I’m on the road, using hotel gyms, and I play tennis.

Get your five a day?

I’ve been a vegetarian for 42 years, so yes. I used to love meat, especially double cheeseburgers, but decided I didn’t want to ingest saturated fat or the hormones used in cows. I love pasta, pizza and ice-cream, but too much sweet dairy induces catarrh and affects my voice.

Pop any pills?  

I take vitamin C daily, which helps with jet lag, and I travel with 100 per cent vegetarian multi-vitamins in case I feel run down. I have regular medicals – once, I was low on iron and another time in B12. I adjusted my diet, took vitamins and that never happened again.

Had anything removed?

I tore a ligament in my knee when skiing 20 years ago. It was reconnected in hospital, and then there were months of physic. I used to manage and play in a semi-pro baseball team so needed to get back to running in nine months, and I did – but never went skiing again.

Ever dieted? 

I’m 5ft 11ins and try to stay around 12st. I diet when there’s a photo shoot for an album or a poster or before a tour. Any time a camera is on I feel I have to lose a few pounds.

Worst illness?

Shortly after my knee problem I developed a benign nodule  on a vocal cord. I was touring the UK and found I couldn’t reach a certain high note, so saw a doctor. The nodule was very low down and the fear was the operation would leave scar tissue, which could ruin my voice. Resting my voice for three months afterwards was terrifying,  but the operation went well and eventually I was hitting high notes better than before.

Any family ailments?

My mother is a fit 94, but my wonderful father died in his 60s. He ate a lot of meat, which clogged up his arteries and was a heavy smoker. He had a quadruple heart bypass and lost the use of one lung, and he died from heart and lung failure.

Would you ever have plastic surgery?

I haven’t so far. I live in Beverly Hills – a place where Robin Williams says everyone looks as if they’re surprised to see you! I won’t say never, but my relatives all look younger than they are.

Cope well with pain?

No, because I want to get rid of anything that restricts my sense of youth and movement. I see a chiropractor to avoid stiffness or pain anywhere.

Like to live for ever?

We’re all created from something that has no beginning and no end. I don’t know that I need to live in my body forever, but I believe the soul is infinite.



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