Spoken by Master Ching Hai

Q. Master, when I meditate, I cannot keep my mind concentrate at here (between eyebrows). It runs all over the place and it talks about all kinds of different subjects. How do I concentrate and meditate better?

M. Some people can concentrate right away; some people take a longer time. I have mentioned previously in the lecture. Also forgive yourself. The situation in this world is not conducive to our tranquil meditation and calm thinking, but try again and again. In this world, we have an advantage, that because this world is so difficult for us to practice, God’s blessing is with us many folds. So we walk one step and the Master Power will walk a hundred steps to help us.

If we are in Heaven and practice, it’s not that lucrative. Therefore in Heaven if you want to practice, it takes a longer time. For example, here we practice one day it is equal to one hundred days in Heaven. That’s why many divas, heavenly beings, they like to be incarnated into human bodies, in order to practice faster. It’s because here we have all kinds of rubbing force, like karma and situation and disaster and war and suffering and happiness, all these mixing. It’s a kind of a high degree fire to forge us. These fires will forge us into a strong, useful tool for ourselves and for the world.

While we are practicing here, we have also the opportunity to help our fellow beings and, therefore, we gain more merit as well. For example, you meditate alone at your home, so you have only one personal merit. But, if you, through your effort or through your eloquence, you offer your place, for example, for a hundred persons to meditate, then you have a hundred more merit to add up to your personal merit. So you have a hundred times more quicker, you understand what I mean? Or you get another hundred persons to come in to get initiation, these merits are also yours. Because after all we are one, the more we connected with more people, the more expand we become and the greater we become, in terms of merit. Mathematical wise speaking, it is like that.

So it is better than in Heaven. In Heaven everybody is having a good time and so they take it easy. They don’t have the motivation behind them to push them to concentrate. That is why I say when you are in deep sorrow or when you are despair you pray better, and sometimes you meditate even better. At that time you remember God more; And then you get better experience that day, bigger light, stronger sound or feel more elated, more near to God. So it is good to practice in this world even though it is difficult.

I am happy that many of our fellow initiates practice very diligently. Some come to the center just to look around but later… Well, they don’t look around that long because everybody closes their eyes. So they feel embarrassed after sometime and they also close their eyes, and then they see something inside, instead of looking at pretty girls outside. So there is a very good advantage of having a temple or having a center, where people come together and do the same thing, concentrate and thinking of God; that helps very much. So you take your time. You can look around for a while, and then when you are fed up with it, you close your eyes and meditate with all the people. Okay?

The mind is always having trouble to be controlled; that’s why we have to practice every day. Otherwise, I would tell you, “Get initiation and you are the Buddha.” No more work! Right? It is because our habit is long term. It has been many thousands of years of time, maybe more! So to take one lifetime to clear all these is hard work, but it’s worth it. Or you want to stay here a thousand more years to continue to do that? Well, it’s fun! So that is why I tell you to have to meditate longer time, two and half hours or three hours, because the first twenty minutes is struggling. Just go on, go on with it and after about twenty minutes, it begins to settle down. After half an hour, you begin to enjoy, and forty minutes, you are gone! (Laughter)

The Story Of Shiva

Master Ching Hai Tells Stories


There was a story about Shiva. Do you know Shiva? Shiva was one of the past masters. He was supposed to be the god of destruction. He destroyed negativity, not people. Some people misunderstand so they worry that he’d destroy them so always keep blackmailing him with all kinds of fruit and cakes (Master laughs). So in the past, he meditated very deeply in the Himalayas. He never woke up from the meditation. Nothing stirred him. This is a legend from India. I don’t know if it is true. I just tell you the power of God.

He meditated all the time in the Himalayas, deep in the meditation, never stirred. But some of the gods in heaven were afraid that he didn’t have a wife, so he would not pass down other generation, the holy seed or something like that, the sacred bloodline, so they worried very much, because he was so holy and they wanted to have another generation of this kind. So they sent out a beautiful fairy. Her name was Parvati. She was very beautiful and her figure was enough to make all the men fell down. But she couldn’t stir him. She tried all her best all kind of dances around him or make all kinds of things, but he never stirred out of meditation. So finally she was fed up, so she went to the other side of the mountain, a little bit longer way, selected a mountain range and she sat there and meditated. She said, “Now, all this is nonsense! I meditate on God and I get liberation and eternal bliss. That’s better than to chase a man who is like a stone, and have no feeling!” (Laughter) “And me, so beautiful like this and he never stirs!”

She was fed up, angry and frustrated, so she went to the other mountain, Mountain Kailash, which is the most famous and holy mountain according to Indian belief. It is very high and it has also a very beautiful lake in the vicinity, called Mansarouar. So she stayed there and meditated, and after sometime she attained the blissful state. So Shiva, suddenly, during his deep meditation, he felt something stirring him. There was some very strong, powerful feminine energy. It was kind of made him feel good and excited somehow. So he opened his third eye, had a look and said, “Wow! There’s a beauty over there.” So that was how the romance started. You know the rest. So that’s the power of meditation, the power of God. It even makes the god stir. Do you know what I mean? It made the most ascetic yogi excited. (Master laughs.) Well, if you want to get a good husband, may be a good advice! (Laughter.) Actually, when you don’t want it, you get it.

Parvati was trying her best to charm him but she did not succeed because she tried with the ego, with the limited power of possessiveness and mundane thinking. But when she became holy, her attraction became different. Why? Because his vibration was very holy, his standard was very high. If she used her mundane vibration and energy to attract him, how could he come down? You know what I mean? You have to be at least equal in order to attract the opponent.

Actually it’s like that. Many people have no attraction before, then suddenly after initiation and meditate for some time, they begin to attract people. You know, not necessarily physically, just attract them. They just love them and they just want to be near them. It is because of your vibration, your loving God energy. You cannot conceal it. It just radiates out and then attracts people like magnet, because the souls in themselves are also Godlike. So they just feel attracted to you, the same that people are attracted to the masters, but that is by no means a crutch. It is just a self attracted to a higher self. So after sometimes they just realize that both of them are one. Therefore, who is there to get the crutch? Who is there to rely on whom? So actually that is also the answer to that question about master and religion are crutch. It depends. Okay?

By Master Duy Tue
Originally in Vietnamese

Lesson 13 – Don’t think you are a loser

You shouldn’t think that you are poorer than other people or your parents live a harder life than others. Similarly, you should never think you are less smart than your friends or they are more talented than you. Your neighbor’s house is big or your friend’s parent is a big boss, don’t care about it. You shouldn’t compare yourself with anyone.

You should enjoy life and never get jealous, there is no other way than denying that you are a loser.  As I said, you have everything in your head. Your head will give you just what it takes for a pleasant life.

Originally in Spanish

A blind man is restored to sight. The deceased is raised to life. Mortals see Heaven before their very eyes. The holy scriptures are full of miracles experienced and witnessed by those in the presence of great enlightened Masters. Do unexplainable events we call miracles still happen?

Through Supreme Master Ching Hai’s loving guidance in the Quan Yin practice of meditation, members of our Association worldwide have encountered their own extraordinary incidents in their daily lives. Such privileged moments are a true Master’s grace manifested. Supreme Master Ching Hai has often accredited her students’ miracles to their own reawakened greatness, reminding that such wonders are natural outcomes of daily contact with the Divine.

“Every time you pray miracles will happen all the time because you are in the direction of benevolence and miracles. We are also the miracles. If we know how to tap into this miraculous power within ourselves, then we are in full power, empowered with all miracles and all the mighty power that we can imagine.”

We now invite you to this presentation about our Association members’ modern day miracles on the path.

This story is from our Costa Rican Association member. A mother of two healthy and happy vegan children, Sara leads a joyful, fulfilling family life. Seeing her shining face, we may not easily believe that at the start of her motherhood, Sara was going through a difficult time. What brought her out of that challenging period was something unexpected and incredibly uplifting.


I was pregnant with my first child, and I was going through some difficulties in pregnancy. I was feeling sick, and also lonely, and to tell you the truth – a bit frightened of becoming a mom, of bringing a baby into the world. I was scared of the whole idea of what that represented. I had a family, a husband who was there to comfort me, but even so I wasn’t feeling ready. I got to the point of being really tired, and on one of those most difficult days I felt truly stressed out after spending the whole day at work.

Sara worked as a teacher for blind students. She spent the day teaching her students how to go about downtown in crowded and noisy streets. Though she did her best, it was a long and stressful day. But that night, everything was about to change for Sara.

So that day I arrived home very late. I sat down on my bed, and started to meditate for a while, since meditation soothed me, and then I lay down and fell asleep. As I was sleeping, something very special happened to me. I felt a very pleasant energy come towards me, awakening me little by little. It was an energy surrounding me physically, wrapping around my body and my soul; it was making me feel so good, so happy in my entire being.

All of a sudden, while I was enjoying the nice energy, I realized this energy was coming from Master. So I woke up completely and noticed a small picture of Master beside my bed, and I saw the energy coming from the picture towards me like a wave of love coming to me from Master’s picture. It was like a stream of light forming a path, being placed all on me. I could clearly see with my very own physical eyes the energy coming right towards me from Master’s picture, and it was as if it caressed me… like a mother would caress her baby with all her love.

It made me feel really comfortable, and I stayed in that state of grace for the rest of the night. And for many more days I enjoyed that blessing. For a lot of days it made me feel really good. At that moment, I realized that Master loved me so much, more than anyone else in this world could ever love me. I also realized that Master was not only blessing me but also my unborn baby.

The next day, I went to work feeling very different – very relaxed and happy. I worked with my students again, taking them to the park in order to work out, and we had such a wonderful time. They were really happy too, and my co-workers also noticed my enthusiastic and happy disposition.

After the experience, I acquired a lot more confidence in my life in general, and started to leave behind the fears of being a first-time mom. I felt a lot more self-confident, and a lot of peace in my heart.

With Heaven’s blessings, Sara safely delivered her first child.

Finally, the day my baby came into this world, I had a blessing from God by having my family with me, and a great doctor so loving and compassionate who helped me. I had a wonderful experience, I truly felt no fear, I was happy, and everything went very well thanks to Master’s love. All in all, becoming a mom came to be one of the most wonderful experiences in my life.

A second child came after a few years, and this time I felt no worries but fine all along. I feel really grateful to God, because my children are a blessing in my life. They are compassionate, they are loving, they make me feel happy. They are two angels in my life.

Since that special night resting by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s picture, the joy in her life has continued to expand till today.

This experience was a miracle to me because it was not only a big change in my life but I also got to recognize that the love of a Master, which is above every worldly love, is unique and real. I’m grateful to Master forever. May God fill your life with love, happiness, and peace.

Our respectful gratitude goes to Supreme Master Ching Hai for her constant love and care in so many lives, and in myriad ways both visible and invisible. May the joy in hearts that have been touched bring further hope to our world. We also thank our Association members who have shared their real stories, so that we may be reminded that miracles happen where there is Divine connection and the Master’s grace.

May God’s ever-present light comfort your soul.



Raw Green Wrap with Mango


Collard greens
Nut butter (hemp butter is recommended)


  1. Spread the nut butter on the collard leaves evenly.
  2. Cut the mango in half, and then make cubes from it. Scoop the mango out and put it on the collard.
  3. Add in some cilantro.
  4. Sprinkle a bit of lime or lemon juice.
  5. Wrap them all.

Ready to be served.



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